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  • October 27, 2020, 08:03
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 on: October 10, 2020, 01:22 
Started by Tormuse - Last post by Tormuse
With the skill you've demonstrated, I expect you should be able to do this one without too much trouble.  It is a very different playstyle, though.  Since cover is irrelevant, the key becomes to face one enemy at a time, as much as possible, which means you need speed to control your encounters with them, and weapons that are good at range, so you can take them out quickly as soon as they come into view.  I built my arsenal and my traits around that idea.  :)

 on: October 09, 2020, 18:56 
Started by Tormuse - Last post by khiijol
incredible run, i have yet to complete this challenge on any difficulty

my N! mortems also had the same issues you've mentioned

 on: October 09, 2020, 18:19 
Started by Tormuse - Last post by Tormuse
Hey, it's my first time winning in Nightmare!  Yay!  :D  After trying a bunch of different challenge modes, I finally had a winning game in Angel of Doom.  :)

Scout with Gunrunner build seemed like the obvious choice, since it maximizes the dodge-convert-to-damage benefit of the challenge.  :)  I wore basic basic armour for the whole game, because I didn't want anything that would hurt my dodge chance (and therefore my damage bonus) too much.  I was pretty pleased with the combination of weapons I found;  my primary weapon was a 7.62 sidearm with enhanced damage and range, with occasional use of the rocket launcher if I wanted to kill things faster.  :P  And when I really wanted to clean up shop, the Jackhammer absolutely wrecked everything, when I had the ammo for it.  The auto-reload feature of Gunrunner took away that weapon's biggest drawback, and the AoD damage bonus let it shred even the largest enemies.  (Including the Summoner!)  :D  I also found that when I combined the damage bonus from using stealth with the AoD damage bonus, a rocket was able to gib Exalted Ravagers!  :o

I seem to have uncovered a couple of bugs in the mortem, though.  It says I cleared CalSec Central and Asterius Breach multiple times, presumably because after I cleared them, some enemies revived and I cleared them again.  (It even displayed the "Breach Vault Unlocked" message each time)  Also, it isn't showing the trait order, except the last skill I got, I'm guessing because it's trying to take up two lines, but only shows the second line?

Tormuse, level 18 Scout, defeated
The Summoner against all odds.
He survived for 10626 turns.
The run time was 4h 11m 40s.
He scored 9226 points.
He opposed the NIGHTMARE!
He was an Angel of Doom!

CALLISTO L3 -> Mimir Habitat L1
Mimir Habitat L2 -> CalSec Central
CalSec Central - cleared
CalSec Central - cleared
EUROPA L2 -> Asterius Habitat L1
Asterius Habitat L2 -> Asterius Breach
Asterius Breach - cleared
Asterius Breach - cleared
Asterius Breach - cleared
IO L2 -> Io Black Site L1
Io Black Site L1 - Secure Vault
Io Black Site L2 -> Black Site Vaults
BEYOND L2 - The Hunt
BEYOND L2 -> Limbo

  CRI Star (bronze cluster) (+25)
   * 25+ kills without taking damage
  CRI Star (silver cluster) (+50)
   * 50+ kills without taking damage
  Explorer Ribbon (+50)
   * Visited all encountered special levels
  Conqueror Ribbon (+100)
   * Completed all encountered special levels
  JoviSec Platinum Badge
   * Win any game on NIGHTMARE!
  Doomed Platinum Badge
   * Complete AoD on UV
  Doomed Diamond Badge
   * Complete AoD on Nightmare!

He killed 788 out of 885 enemies.

  32 archreavers
  25 fiends
  72 exalted ravagers
  15 plasma ravagers
  2 military bots
  53 exalted fiends
  11 rocket turrets
  40 turrets
  1 Summoner
  4 military sentrys
  22 security sentrys
  1 former CRI grunt
  12 CalSec bots
  69 exalted reavers
  1 former CRI soldier
  44 exalted kerbeross
  3 corrupted sergeants
  49 ravagers
  6 combat drones
  18 former soldiers
  5 former guards
  2 former heavys
  19 fire fiends
  16 siege ravagers
  3 former sergeants
  63 exalted soldiers
  12 cryobeross
  5 corrupted heavys
  9 CRI marines
  3 guardian bots
  6 hellish soldiers
  2 military drones
  4 corrupted soldiers
  4 former grunts
  7 toxic reavers
  26 ice fiends
  1 former CRI sergeant
  14 armored ravagers
  11 CRI bots
  10 reavers
  4 corrupted commandos
  5 cybeross
  10 security drones
  19 cryoreavers
  9 kerbeross
  14 former commandos
  24 CalSec sentrys
  7 toxibeross
  5 security bots

  Skilled L1
  Hellrunner L2
  Packrat L2
  Son of a Gun L2
  Gun hoarder
  Eagle Eye
  Second Wind

Trait order

  Slot #1 : AV2 7.62 sidearm P
  Slot #2 : rocket launcher PA
  Slot #3 : 12ga jackhammer PA
  Body    : basic armor PB
  Head    : AV2 marine helmet
  Utility : AV2 pistol AMP

  rocket (x10)
  rocket (x1)
  12ga shell (x44)
  7.62 ammo (x100)
  7.62 ammo (x100)
  7.62 ammo (x100)
  7.62 ammo (x78)
  plasma grenade (x2)
  gas grenade (x3)
  EMP grenade (x1)
  krak grenade (x3)
  smoke grenade (x3)
  CRI phase kit (x3)
  multitool (x2)
  large medkit

 on: October 08, 2020, 11:39 
Started by khiijol - Last post by khiijol
this somehow gave me full kills anyways... i did the calsec shutdown before all the sentries in the trap got triggered, maybe thats way?

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

 on: October 07, 2020, 18:22 
Started by khiijol - Last post by khiijol
AoSh H difficulty seed 7328 - mimir l1 - looks like there is an area in the upper right hand corner that spawned thats totally inaccessible from the rest of the level that has three monsters in it which appear on the minimap

 on: October 05, 2020, 07:52 
Started by Tormuse - Last post by khiijol
very nice run, those exalted reavers are run killers in standard difficulty too, i always underestimate how hard they can hit

 on: October 05, 2020, 07:51 
Started by khiijol - Last post by khiijol
thanks! this one was a little RNG dependent but the challenge comes early enough where its not too bad to go at it multiple times

 on: October 02, 2020, 21:42 
Started by khiijol - Last post by Tormuse
Congrats on the Diamond badge!  :D  I have yet to get one of those.  Clearly, I need to play this game more.  :)

 on: October 02, 2020, 15:47 
Started by Tormuse - Last post by Tormuse
I was trying for CRI Diamond, and this was the first time I got as far as Io.  (A bit disappointed there's no badge for getting to Io in Nightmare;  Oh well...)  :P  Aside from being a little worryingly low on ammo, I was doing well, with some pretty nice equipment, up until I opened a door to be greeted by a quartet of naturally occurring exalted reavers with fire ability, and I guess all four of them must've hit me at once, because they did a lot more damage than I was expecting.  I should've healed or sought cover or something, but they were so perfectly positioned for my cold-enhanced shotgun that I couldn't resist just shooting them.  Whoops...

And while I'm here, why are there so many Diamond badges that require you to play masterless?  They might as well say you're required to not have fun.  :P  I sort of wonder...  what if the requirement instead said you have to kill everything at least once?  (Or a minimum number of first-time kills?)  Then you still get the interesting benefits of the master traits, while making for some interesting strategic planning as you figure out what route you take through the level.

Tormuse, level 14 Marine, killed on
IO L5 by a exalted reaver.

He survived for 12487 turns.
The run time was 5h 54m 21s.
He scored 5504 points.
He opposed the NIGHTMARE!

CALLISTO L3 -> Mimir Habitat L1
Mimir Habitat L2 -> CalSec Central
CalSec Central - cleared
CalSec Central - cleared
CalSec Central - cleared
EUROPA L2 - Volatile Storage
EUROPA L2 -> Asterius Habitat L1
Asterius Habitat L2 - Infestation
Asterius Habitat L2 -> Asterius Breach
Asterius Breach - cleared
IO L2 -> Io Black Site L1
Io Black Site L2 -> Black Site Vaults
IO L5 - Lockdown

  CRI Star (bronze cluster) (+25)
   * 25+ kills without taking damage
  Conqueror Ribbon (+100)
   * Completed all encountered special levels

He killed 627 out of 723 enemies.

  1 former CRI soldier
  26 former soldiers
  17 reavers
  24 ice fiends
  2 corrupted soldiers
  32 turrets
  78 exalted soldiers
  31 exalted fiends
  10 armored ravagers
  6 plasma ravagers
  5 siege ravagers
  8 security drones
  10 CRI bots
  3 CRI marines
  36 exalted ravagers
  17 fiends
  16 fire fiends
  68 exalted reavers
  7 toxic reavers
  2 CRI guards
  4 former grunts
  30 ravagers
  5 former guards
  19 archreavers
  4 former CRI grunts
  1 former heavy
  6 corrupted commandos
  22 CalSec sentrys
  5 corrupted sergeants
  6 security bots
  7 corrupted heavys
  14 former commandos
  4 kerbeross
  11 former sergeants
  15 security sentrys
  1 military drone
  14 CalSec bots
  25 exalted kerbeross
  1 former CRI sergeant
  14 cryobeross
  1 toxiberos
  14 rocket turrets
  6 combat drones
  11 cryoreavers

  Skilled L2
  Furious L1
  Hellrunner L2
  Ironman L2
  Sustained fire L1
  Field Medic
  Angry Motherfucker

Trait order

  Slot #1 : AV2 7.62 assault rifle P
  Slot #2 : AV2 rocket launcher P
  Slot #3 : AV2 12ga auto-shotgun P
  Body    : AV2 combat armor PB
  Head    :  - NONE -
  Utility : AV1 auto AMP

  energy cell (x51)
  rocket (x10)
  rocket (x8)
  12ga shell (x14)
  7.62 ammo (x92)
  .44 ammo (x24)
  EMP grenade (x2)
  krak grenade (x3)
  smoke grenade (x3)
  military stimpack
  military stimpack
  large medkit

 on: September 28, 2020, 11:12 
Started by Kornel Kisielewicz - Last post by Kornel Kisielewicz
High time to attempt (no?) landings on Europa! 0.9.4 brings visual improvements to the snow-covered moon, along with revisiting of all it's generators, improvements to lighting and a brand new branch with a new special level! Additionally we added ice fiends and hyperblasters for ultimate splatter - read all about it below!

Asterius Habitat

New Europa branch has been added - similarly to Callisto's branches two out of three will be generated, but for this patch only we made Asterius Habitat guaranteed to appear. As all branches it comes with its own special level, and apart from variations of old Habitat generators it actually has two new generator types that are currently fully unique to the branch.

Ice fiends

Europa specific strain of the fiend has been added, pretty obviously cold-themed. This gives a nice counterpart to everyone's favorite cryoreavers and cryoberi :P


The addition of the cell-powered chainfire weapon leaves us with only one basic weapon that still needs to make an appearance (no cookie for guessing which, but it will come ;) ). The hyperblaster correctly works with all chainfire related traits.

Nightmare balance

We're generally pretty happy with how Nightmare turned out, it seems that almost all Diamond badges (apart from two) have already been acquired. However, two slight changes have been added. Respawned exalted will now only give experience on the first respawn (to prevent boring exp farming on level 1). To make the earlier levels more doable and less RNG-dependent, exalted soldiers on levels before Callisto L4 will now have worse equipment. This also applies to early regular game exalted spawns.

Masters and Traits

We buffed two underpowered scout masters - Ghost now reduces Stealth cost to 15 (10 at Level 2) and Assassinate keeps your dodge value after the attack (which makes spamming it much safer). We also are looking to buff Wizard and Fireangel, the former will get stronger with the hack changes coming next patch, the latter will need to wait for Fire related changes in an upcoming status effect related patch.

Marine's Furious now also generates +1/+2 Fury on kills that gib, making it a bit more useful and interesting trait, while Running cost is now 20 Fury independent of difficulty level.


Apart from the above we did some more balance and visual changes, full list below:

Code: [Select]
Beta   0.9.4 - Europa - September 28, 2020
NEW    #1201 - Asterius Habitat branch added to Europa!
NEW    #1202 - Asterius Breach special level!
NEW    #1200 - ice fiend added!
NEW    #1199 - hyperblaster, and ADV hyperblaster! (plasma chain)
CHANGE #1203 - ALL Europa generators revisted, improved visuals
CHANGE #1204 - increased amount of generated lootboxes
CHANGE #1198 - Refueling Base - better (weapon based) reward
CHANGE #1198 - AoNYR - all enemies drop weapons (except respawns)
CHANGE #1198 - weaker exalted soldier weapons pre-CalL4 (N! also)
CHANGE #1198 - Nightmare - only the first respawn gives XP
CHANGE #1198 - Scout - Ghost stealth costs now 15/10
CHANGE #1198 - Scout - Assassinate buffed and keeps dodge
CHANGE #1198 - Marine - Furious now generates +1/2 Fury on gib
CHANGE #1198 - Marine - Running now costs a flat 20 Fury
CHANGE #1198 - Europa L1 - less enemies on all difficulties
CHANGE #1168 - improved Callisto mines caves lighting
FIX    #1198 - Limbo - safe zone added for reaver spawn

What's next?

This was a slightly thinner release as we need some time to build up background tech for upcoming releases. Next up in 3-4 weeks we'll have 0.9.5 Terminal which will bring improvements to hacking and terminals in general, stay tuned!

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