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  • October 27, 2020, 08:05
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 on: September 28, 2020, 10:18 
Started by khiijol - Last post by khiijol
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second attempt at this run - first time the only useful item near the archreaver spawn point was a full heal, but unfortunately got mobbed by unlucky spawns. this time i got a nice revolver that i carried to the end, and was able to hide behind a pillar and stave off all the archies, fortunately nothing respawned so when they were dead i was out of the level

cri laboratories was kind of a pushover here, i didnt encounter any keycards before the level, so i only had the one from the boss cri bot, and got lucky to open the healing room, which at that point was the only thing really useful as all my gear was more or less maxed out. plasma pistols are certainly far less useful in N! than UV, but are decent enough for picking off turrets to save a bit of ammo here and there

 on: September 27, 2020, 11:20 
Started by khiijol - Last post by khiijol
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this got quite intense at points! i had started playing N! with angel of carnage, which is quite easy during callisto, but becomes much harder during europa as launchers don't deal quite enough damage to gib bigger enemies like ravagers, so i thought i'd try a sharpshooter build. this is harder to get started but once you get going you're pretty hard to stop. JS revolver is enough to blow apart exalteds, and its certainly satisfying to watch those big chunks go everywhere. one of the main problems with io in normal difficulties - namely the cri steals a lot of your experience by infighting, its partially resolved here, as they rarely have enough power to gib enemies. exalted soldiers that spawn from dead cri marine corpses are much easier to deal with than the regular monsters - same goes with much of the exalted reavers that spawn from archreavers, due to the lack of annoying acid attack

 on: September 27, 2020, 08:15 
Started by khiijol - Last post by khiijol
on valhalla spaceport, nightmare difficulty, seed 4725, i found a health chest that when opened didn't spawn any items

 on: September 16, 2020, 07:38 
Started by singalen - Last post by khiijol
very nice run

I built a Sharpshooter. I don't know how people play melee in JH.

do a marine vampyre build and camp two squares away from a door. you cant gift drop like DRL so it takes a bit of patience - formers have weak melee attack so when they come into the doorway, you move to the square diagonal from them and give them a good whack. play it slow and try not to enter big rooms, picking off enemies one at a time

 on: September 16, 2020, 00:24 
Started by singalen - Last post by singalen
I built a Sharpshooter. I don't know how people play melee in JH.

Europa was really tough because I was stupid enough to only have a SMG of 9mm weapons. Surely, I lacked ammo BADLY, had to use a random rifle on each level.
I had a .44 SMG that I thought would take me out of dire situations! Well, it wasn't so good.

At Refueling Base, I thought that's the end, b/c by the end of it I only had the ammo for a 7.62 rifle - everything else was out of ammo. I also ate all three of my medpacks.
But I made it through, and got a Backpack - that was the only useful loot there.
Just what an Ao-not-so-LT needs.

Somehow I managed to make it to Io, where I happily grabbed a plasma pistol, and lived happily ever since.

Funny screenshot with exalted blessing attached.

Flynn Taggart, level 15 Technician, defeated
The Summoner against all odds.
He survived for 12714 turns.
The run time was 2h 31m 7s.
He scored 5080 points.
He liked it HARD!
He was an Angel of Light Travel!

CALLISTO L5 - Infestation
EUROPA L3 - Low Power
EUROPA L4 -> Refueling Base
Refueling Base - cleared
IO L4 -> Io Warehouse
Io Warehouse - cleared
IO L5 - Low Power
BEYOND L2 -> Limbo
Limbo - cleared
BEYOND L3 - Exalted Curse

  Medal of Prejudice (+200)
   * Won with 100% kills
  CRI Star (bronze cluster) (+25)
   * 25+ kills without taking damage
  JoviSec Silver Badge
   * Win a game
  JoviSec Gold Badge
   * Win a game on at least HARD
  CRI Bronze Badge
   * Win any game with 100% kills
  CRI Silver Badge
   * Win a MEDIUM or higher game with 100% kills
  Lightfoot Bronze Badge
   * Reach Io on Angel of Light Travel
  Lightfoot Silver Badge
   * Complete Angel of Light Travel
  Lightfoot Gold Badge
   * Complete Angel of Light Travel on Hard

He killed 439 out of 439 enemies.

  38 archreavers
  38 fiends
  6 exalted ravagers
  3 plasma ravagers
  18 exalted fiends
  13 rocket turrets
  16 turrets
  3 security sentrys
  4 former CRI grunts
  4 CalSec bots
  10 exalted reavers
  3 former CRI soldiers
  1 Summoner
  3 exalted kerbeross
  3 corrupted sergeants
  43 ravagers
  2 combat drones
  5 former soldiers
  17 former guards
  1 former heavy
  53 fire fiends
  8 siege ravagers
  10 former sergeants
  4 exalted soldiers
  4 cryobeross
  2 corrupted heavys
  19 CRI marines
  1 guardian bot
  3 hellish heavys
  2 former CRI commandos
  8 corrupted soldiers
  2 former CRI heavys
  2 hellish commandos
  4 former grunts
  6 toxic reavers
  3 former CRI sergeants
  12 armored ravagers
  8 CRI bots
  24 reavers
  4 corrupted commandos
  3 cybeross
  6 security drones
  5 cryoreavers
  2 kerbeross
  8 former commandos
  9 CalSec sentrys
  3 toxibeross
  2 security bots

  Son of a Gun L2
  Whizkid L1
  Hacker L2
  Hunker down
  Juggernaut L2
  Remote Hack

Trait order

  Slot #1 : CRI plasma pistol P2B
  Slot #2 : JS .44 revolver BA
  Slot #3 : AV1 energy pistol V
  Slot #4 : AV1 rocket launcher
  Body    : AV3 combat armor PA
  Head    : AV1 combat headset A
  Utility : CRI backpack

  energy cell (x93)
  .44 ammo (x50)
  CRI phase kit (x1)
  multitool (x5)
  stimpack (x3)

 on: September 16, 2020, 00:12 
Started by singalen - Last post by singalen
I was lucky to have a phase kit.

 on: September 16, 2020, 00:11 
Started by singalen - Last post by singalen
Now, this...

 on: September 08, 2020, 16:08 
Started by Kornel Kisielewicz - Last post by khiijol
tried to duplicate the stabbing thing and while it wasn't consistent, i did stab myself quite a bit on this run - mostly while mashing f when in the proximity of multiple enemies. i also didnt get a red key card for the vahalla command generate - one of the levels had the lockdown event, maybe this makes the end reward inaccessible?

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

 on: September 08, 2020, 15:43 
Started by Kornel Kisielewicz - Last post by khiijol
same! some minor issues, i saw on this weird run - regened nightmare enemies give xp, so is possible to xp farm on calisto 1. i was trying this on angel of berserk to see how far i could get, when i accidentally stabbed myself (?) pressing F a bunch of times when i was near a beefed up exalted soldier

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

 on: September 08, 2020, 07:42 
Started by Kornel Kisielewicz - Last post by Moonshine Fox
This update? Is good. Enjoying it greatly already!

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