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  • December 06, 2023, 14:53
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December Goal: $500.00
Due Date: Dec 31
Total Receipts: $0.00
PayPal Fees: $0.00
Net Balance: $0.00
Below Goal: $500.00
Site Currency: USD

If you enjoy any game made by me, please consider making a donation. I do not have any income from the games I make -- I don't distribute them as shareware. At least what I hope for is covering my hosting bills (that get bigger, becasue more and more projects are hosted).

So if you think what I did is worth continuing, please let me know that by donating :)

If you agree to be recognized as a donator, please add the name you want to be credited with in the comments section. If you want to be recognized at the forum (with a gold supporter membergroup), please supply your login. Also, if you want me to focus more on a specific game of mine, write that also.

Additional Benefits of Donating:

  • You get recognized on the forums with a golden donator group membership
  • You have your name/nick visible in the next version of DoomRL as one of the persons who helped to get that version out
  • You have access to the DoomRL Beta Testing forum, where regulary new beta versions of DoomRL appear and are discussed
  • You have access to the Tavern of Chaos at the forum, where other project designs are being discussed.

Please remember that PayPal takes a fixed fee from the donation, so really small amounts just wont net any money for the Forge.

Supporter status is awarded manually -- this may take up to 24h!

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500 1000

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Many thanks to those who have donated this period.
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