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Author Topic: Run 'mode' rather than/in addition run direction  (Read 1281 times)


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Run 'mode' rather than/in addition run direction
« on: July 29, 2009, 22:47 »

Right now we have a useful 'run in a direction until you hit dangerous terrain/are beside a door/spot a monster' command.

I'd request a further feature in which the player can engage 'run mode' whereby direction inputs would move the player quickly in various directions, as to cover ground quickly (in real life time), but all movement stops when a monster is spotted, and movement into dangerous terrain is also disallowed.  When a monster is spotted, I suppose the same command would be inputted to resume normal movement.

This is requested to facilitate going over areas of the level which you think you've mostly cleared out, but there may be a few monsters left.  Currently, the player will likely try to move quickly through the area, but if there actually WAS a monster around, the player's keystrokes are buffered and the player will end up doing several movements he/she probably wouldn't have wanted to had he/she realized the monster was there.  For me, often I'll take several hits (rather than stopping, picking a good position and firing had I realized the monster was there), and I've had promising games end due to this.

Of course the "lesson" for the player is to always maneuver carefully/slowly - but it's hard to stay disciplined when there's 100 levels to go through...

By the way, is the keystroke buffering a feature of the console, just like the ctrl+c thing?  (What I'm referring to is that if a player presses say up left down before even seeing the results of the first up, the left and down movements will be executed no matter what.)  Or can this be modified?
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