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  • June 06, 2023, 02:34
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Author Topic: [ Linux i386 & x64] Mp3 module format not recognized  (Read 4292 times)


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I finally decided to see what DoomRL would be like with music. So I downloaded all the mp3s, setup the config files, but when I try to run doomrl (i386 or x64) it fails and I get an entry in my error.log that looks like this:
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Since it appeared that mp3s weren't going to work, I decided to try converting them all to ogg files. Surprise! DoomRL now runs with music for the first time in years. Given that it wasn't a quick fix, I wrote a shell script that downloads the mp3s, converts them to oggs, then makes the correct config file changes. The only real difference was that instead of using '0  - intro.mid' for the starting music it grabs the Doom II intro music instead. Here are the contents of
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Just download it and run it from your DoomRL directory then assuming I didn't screw up (it worked for me) music should play fine. Still no idea why the mp3s weren't working.
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