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Author Topic: why not having other samurais defending the village ?  (Read 3412 times)


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why not having other samurais defending the village ?
« on: February 01, 2007, 18:50 »

First of all this game is outstanding. I play at it like a frenzy shit.

Personally I think that having too much monster diversity will bring a lot of chaos because when you have to handle 22 monsters running at you, the only thing that helps is that at least most of them behave the same manner.

If for somewhat reasons these are 22 different monster my samurai would go straight to hell in a few adding monsters is ok, but be careful.

Lets go back to the point, I am a rogue freak, I play a lot ADOM. in ADOM you can in some circumstances have compagnions tha help you. But, I never saw any roguelike putting togehter a player with more than 1 "autonomous" (event with stupid AI like attacking the nearset beast )compagnion. I mean, my samurai feel very lonely..., why not creating senarios like:

Monsters rushing the Ronin Clan (lets say 10 samurais compagnions (why not differents types of samurais ?) batteling at my side to death).

This will a new gameplay type with a lot more complexity and a maybe even a new tactical dimension.

I hope folks there will find this idea interesting.

regards and thx to the dev

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Kornel Kisielewicz

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Re: why not having other samurais defending the village ?
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2007, 03:15 »

As for monster diversity -- I'm going for a few "sets" of monsters, that appear only on the appropriate terrain. That means that for a given battlefield only 8-10 types of monsters will be able to appear.

As for the "defenders".... yes, that was thought about. Yet I decided against. Why? Because Berserk! is a game about the "last stand" of a lone wolf against the forces of darkness. It's a game of a individual pushing his abilities to the limits. It's a game of a signgle man's private battle against the forces of the world. Hence, there's no place there for outsiders. He should die alone. At least that's the spirit of the game.

You can try to convince the Berserk! branch guys to implement companions tough -- I'm sure they're reading it ^_^.

Also, I believe that you'll find 0.9's campaign mode amusing :).
at your service,
Kornel Kisielewicz
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