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Author Topic: YAFVP|HW Specialist Very fun game!  (Read 6096 times)


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YAFVP|HW Specialist Very fun game!
« on: April 19, 2014, 10:47 »

As far as classes go, HW Specialist seems to be a very strong class, you begin the game with two weapons that use 9mm and 5.56 ammo.

You also get to keep the best firepower in the game with the best piece of armor in the game. All other classes can not use the Smart Gun without the gyro-stabilizer.

My strategy was this for the first floors:

Level 1

Clear the civilian tower, than head to medical to get max medpacks. You are going to run out of ammo so, so go to storage tower. After clearing storage tower, clear the medical tower and enginner tower. You should probably get an upgrade by now, so I'd Fitness to avoid the gray caste entirely. Now head to security and then military. Leave Main for last, as this is the tower with more dangerous critters. You may even want to not go to Main and just ascend to the next level.

Level remaining levels:

Clear the civilian, medical and enginner. Go to storage IF you are having problems with ammo. If you don't mind the backtracking, go to storage. Then head to security (you may need a radiation suit. radiation suit negates the problems with radiation) and then military. Now go to the first floor, clear main tower. Then clear main tower on the next level.

I stopped going to military/security towers as they started to need keys. You can still go to them, get lucky and get some rooms with glass so you can shoot the glass. Also, exploration bonus. I saved them for the last floors. I figured the loot from the last floors would be very good (they yield the smart gun and the power armor). I was walking around with the plasteel for most of the game.

I held onto my gyro-stabilizer until I reached master level with my heavy weapons skill. I *think* that was rather useless, since I could still use the MG4 without it. It may or may not have some penalties, I don't know but you at early game, you really want to hit things really close for more damage so you can save ammo.

The game starts to have all the ammo in the world once you get a colt .44 and a combat shotgun. They use other ammo besides the 9mm and 5.56 so you can start killing nearly everything in your path. Combat shotgun are actually imbalaced I'm afraid, they are very powerful even if you don't train the light weapons. They also provide sweet, sweet, knockback.

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