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Author Topic: Crashed while I was saving game and lost game. :(  (Read 4081 times)


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Crashed while I was saving game and lost game. :(
« on: September 25, 2014, 13:14 »

I was trying to recreate my Elite Platinum game (and video) in the graphics version, since people requested it, and at the end of Phobos Lab, I saved it going into Phobos Anomaly and the game crashed and didn't generate a saved game or a mortem.  :(  (In related news, I have a nice video of me getting up to Phobos Anomaly if anyone wants to see it)  :P  I don't know if it's related to the fact that I was playing the graphics version or the fact that I deleted the player.wad and similar files (I tried to turn it into the equivilant of a fresh install by deleting any files that were created after I unzipped the game, including info.xml log.txt mortem.txt player.wad score.wad) or something else entirely?  All I know is that I'm reluctant to try again until I figure out what happened.

Here's the error message:

Code: [Select]

Timestamp   : 25/09/2014 2:33:44
Message     : Fatal exception encountered

An unhandled exception occurred at $004797B3 :
Egzfileerror : Could not open gzip compressed file H:\Games\DoomRL-Video\save.
  $004201E3  TDOOM__WRITESAVEFILE,  line 525 of src/doombase.pas
  $0041F7FB  TDOOM__RUN,  line 408 of src/doombase.pas
  $00401CC5  main,  line 111 of src/doomrl.pas

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Re: Crashed while I was saving game and lost game. :(
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2014, 00:25 »

That sucks man. Never encountered any errors myself, but i can imagine the amount of stress causing it, especially when you're trying to accomplish something. Too bad i don't know shit about computers, so i can't help you. :(
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