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Author Topic: Rebalancing Marine vs. Scout vs. Technician  (Read 3743 times)


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Rebalancing Marine vs. Scout vs. Technician
« on: November 27, 2014, 16:15 »

1. Innate advanced traits according to class

Comparing between Badass vs. Intuition vs. Whizkid, most would agree that Badass is the worst trait among them.
So, how about adding resistances on Badass?
All resistance +15% per level would be great motivation to select Marine. (If this is accepted then I think berserk resistance would be cut down from 60%->50% afterwards)

2. Technician

I think technician is too weak than others..
In acquiring most of diamonds and angelics, I selected Scout, and Marine.
I only choose Technician for Eagerness Diamond(which "forces" playing as technician) and Everyman Diamond(as it gives P,A,T,B modpacks from start and the best plan requires lot of asembled armors)

So, how about giving more advantages to Technician?
What I think for plausible additional benefits are:

1) Even without intuition trait, Technician does not suffer from "dangerous" effects from levers. If activated lever has "dangerous" effect, it would be ignored and nothing happens.

2) You can "control" teleports from phase devices/teleporter pads, like teleport control ability from Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Of course you cannot get 100% accuracy of teleport from the beginning, and teleport accuracy would be proportional to player's level.
You can point out the destination of teleportation, and you'll get wrong location by (1d2 + 8 - player level/3) tiles.

3. Entrenchment seems too weak. I haven't seen any mortems of high difficulty taking Entrenchment trait.
How about improving it to "Giving +30% resistance when wielding rapid-fire weapons"? (Like Malicious Blade trait)

4. Survivalist seems not that useful, since it blocks Hellrunner and Son of bitch, making harder to fight with later enemies with strong attacks.
Against barons/archviles/mancubis/arachnotrons, survivalist does not really helps unless you have an extremely decent armor.
So how about adding benefits of improved healing effects from medpacks/globes?

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Re: Rebalancing Marine vs. Scout vs. Technician
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2014, 16:52 »

Speaking about Tech bump, I think Tech should use Goggles and Suit for longer time, not for shorter. Unlike Berserk and Inv.
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