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Author Topic: New class: Outlaw  (Read 4549 times)


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New class: Outlaw
« on: March 25, 2015, 21:46 »

A brand new class! Maybe many of us have dreamed of classes to introduce, but I think I could really have as much fun exploring this class as I did the marine, scout, and technician. What I came up with:

Starting characteristics: 1) sees exact HP of enemies, 2) Triggerhappy immediately accessible.

The master traits promote a generalist approach, so the class would appeal to players who want to keep their options open.

[Melee] Overkill: Every time you shoot a monster at point-blank range, you also swipe it instantly with the weapon in your prepared slot.
Req: Brute (3), Hellrunner (2), Son of a Bitch
Blocks: Berserker, Finesse, Eagle Eye

[Pistol] Quickdraw: All inventory management, item use, and lever pulling is instantaneous. Only moving, attacking, reloading, and waiting take time.
Req: Finesse (2), Juggler, Son of a Gun, Level (6)
Blocks: Reloader, Iron Man, Tough as Nails

[Shotgun] Brainwave: All of your explosives land exactly on the spot you aim for, as long as you can see it.
Req: Shottyman, Intuition
Blocks: Badass, Triggerhappy, Juggler

[Burst] Scary Guy: Every time you hit an enemy, you drain 100 energy, allowing you to essentially stun-lock single targets. Also, if you aim directly at an a monster, every hit has a 50% chance to throw something out of its inventory (ammo, medkits...) anywhere in a circle of radius 2.
Req: Badass, Iron Man, Eagle Eye (2)
Blocks: Hellrunner, Triggerhappy, Whizkid

[General] Lucky Bastard: When dealing damage, roll two sets of dice, picking the bigger outcome. When receiving damage, also roll two sets of dice, picking the lower of two outcomes. But if that's a crap idea, just modify every enemy’s accuracy by -4 or something.
Req: Eagle Eye (3), Tough as Nails, Intuition (2)
Blocks: Son of a Bitch, Son of a Gun, Shottyman
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