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Author Topic: [U|AoSh|92%|YAVP] Gatekeeper Diamond and out of ammo  (Read 2958 times)


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[U|AoSh|92%|YAVP] Gatekeeper Diamond and out of ammo
« on: September 06, 2018, 00:15 »

First, I wished this to be a YAAM, but had to flee a caco cave at lv19, thankfully started a few steps away from the stairs. Skipping a few, no need to wipe everything, so I went to Mortuary - hum, no, too hot, I tapped a homie and ended up in a mob, but jumping down the stairs saved my ass from being ripped apart. Then I've got two pain elem caves in a row at 22 and 23, with measly two packs of shells total. But I managed to keep one box intact for Spidey.

Otherwise, the game was smooth at first, to my amusement I have found that Shottyman and Double Shotty allows me to tackle them nightmare demons in Phobos Lab without too much hassle, even if they don't get full blast in their face. I tried the same in Hell's Armory, but had to chew medpacks like candies while that brute decided to constantly fire at me at wrong moments. It also shone in Abyssal Planes, even if that agony elemental had a ton of HP and some armor, everything else got wiped out, the best property of shotguns :P I wish I'd build me an elephant gun, but sort of fumbled early, then wanted to wait for WK2, then was in a distress and made a FDS/P instead, however that puppy was a lifesaver at the very next level, with as few as 4x15 walkable squares and two BV packs right off the bat.

The funniest thing was Hell lv1 (also lv17) with "You need to run", and 0.33s walking speed with phaseshift/A and tac boots with HR2. I was able to sprint, wipe everyone then get almost to the start of the level to collect ammo. The hardest encounter was Spider's Lair, they triple-teleported me when I was finally at a cornershooting position, and that Medical Powerarmor which I managed to strip off a former commando at 8% was the ultimate heal that allowed me to survive (I had 4HP left when hunting for the last arachnotron), then a reward supercharge allowed me to continue. Sadly, missed Mastermind Brain by a single move in the middle of a fight, show have covered self. Well, maybe next time.

And finally, the GK Diamond was a result of a very lucky phase into the middle of the level and spamfiring from a tac shotty first into that door on the left, then into bruisers on the right. The Cyberdemon is all about timing, but firing a double from 2 squares away right after he throws a rocket is easy with huge runspeed.

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