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Author Topic: [0.9.9a|M|AoH|Te|YAAM] FINALLY beat Hubris!  (Read 2008 times)


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[0.9.9a|M|AoH|Te|YAAM] FINALLY beat Hubris!
« on: May 12, 2021, 10:58 »

I struggled against this challenge for so long, after banging my head against it for so long I finally managed to squeak past it this time!

I had settled on Entrenchment for my build for this since it's what got me the furthest in before now, always picking the Gatling and opening with all three levels of Whizkid to get Loading Feed and Efficient, then the prerequisites for MEN, after that working on Toxicologist.

Some notes:
1) I like this Mastery generally. :)
1a) Someone mentioned using multi-shell-per-shot Shotguns like the Plasma, Dual or Frag with this Master due to the ammo cost reduction. While it did work even at level one, the gun wouldn't fire with 1 Shell left. Maybe I could get 3 shots out of one with Second Chamber depending on how it works but it didn't work alone.
2) This challenge is a real pain in general...
3) Since I got an EMP Mod, I decided to skip Infernal Lock and go to Black Site instead, even without spare keycards. Worked out fine except I went to the wrong vault. Whoops.
4) I had some real close calls with getting my Armor destroyed and running out of healing in Beyond L1. I managed to get new armor and find just enough healing to survive but still never had a surplus of medkits again. :(
5) Toxicologist was really helpful in places, even without Wizard!

Crash Gordon, level 13 Technician, defeated
The Summoner against all odds.
He survived for 6055 turns.
The run time was 1h 0m 55s.
He scored 4077 points.
He took MEDIUM risks.
He was an Angel of Hubris!

IO L3 -> Io Black Site L1
Io Black Site L1 - Exalted Summons
Io Black Site L2 -> Black Site Vaults
Black Site Vaults - cleared
BEYOND L2 -> Limbo
Limbo - cleared
BEYOND L3 - Exalted Summons

  Medal of Prejudice (+200)
   * Won with 100% kills
  Untouchable Ribbon (+50)
   * Won taking less than 1000 damage
  Hubristic Silver Badge
   * Complete Angel of Hubris (AoH)

He killed 227 out of 227 enemies.

  4 CRI bots
  33 archreavers
  6 hellish soldiers
  11 ravagers
  21 turrets
  3 exalted kerbeross
  6 exalted fiends
  1 former CRI grunt
  25 reavers
  9 fire fiends
  2 hellish sergeants
  3 former CRI commandos
  3 cybeross
  4 military drones
  11 rocket turrets
  6 hellish commandos
  3 exalted ravagers
  2 military sentrys
  1 Summoner
  12 CRI marines
  5 toxic fiends
  5 kerbeross
  6 former CRI soldiers
  4 former CRI sergeants
  15 toxic reavers
  8 armored ravagers
  6 siege ravagers
  9 exalted reavers
  7 plasma ravagers
  6 CRI guards

  Whizkid L3
  Powerjack L1
  Cover Master L2
  Sustained fire L1
  Toxicologist L3

Trait order

  Slot #1 : 7.62 gatling BE
   * Efficient
   * Disruptive 3
   * Peacekeeper
   * Spin-up

  Slot #2 : AV1 plasma shotgun
   * Autoloader

  Slot #3 : AV3 12ga auto-shotgun
   * Calibrated 2
   * Sustain

  Body    : AV2 combat armor B
   * Durable
   * Auto-med 10
   * Loading feed

  Head    : blast helmet B
   * Durable
   * Blast shield

  Utility : AV2 utility AMP
   * Powerful
   * Metabolic boost

  energy cell (x100)
  7.62 ammo (x100)
  7.62 ammo (x100)
  7.62 ammo (x100)
  7.62 ammo (x75)
  EMP grenade (x3)
  EMP grenade (x2)
  CRI phase kit (x1)
  multitool (x3)
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