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Kornel Kisielewicz:
Sometimes after detaching we might still like to know the parent. And leaving it uncleared doesn't open too any mistakes anyway.

Igor Savin:
After the major exam (World Literature on Jan. 7) is over, I'm planning on attempting a new iteration of functionality adaptation from Valkyrie to Colossus (Valkyrion Stage 2). I wonder if you have any interest in whatever expansions to Valkyrie functionality might be made from Colossus, and what would be the best way of describing and proposing them to V. - most probably SVN commits would be an inappropriate way.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Depends on what you want to expand -- it may be already planned. Just hint me hwat you are thinking about :)

Igor Savin:
I've been primarily thinking about revamping menus - I recall those used in Berserk! being a hardcoded non-reusable nightmare.

AFAIR, you are using LGPL for Valkyrie? If I'm going to distribute software which uses modified parts of it, what should I include in my sources (besides the typical kudos) - complete LGPL license in addition to the one I use (GPL3)?

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Umm, have you seen, vtextut.pas, and TTextMenu in it? Berserk! uses those too now. And as for general GUI stuff, I'm planning to do a proper and compete GUI system in Valkyrie for the use of especialy Sa^D^D... another project of mine :P

As for license, my friend, I give you the right to relicense it under what you want :P.


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