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Xander Morhaime:
Five people in all... I think we're good to go, then. Mad, Tav, you go ahead and make characters. Refer to Malek for suggestions on what might be a good idea. SK, a character story, even a very basic one, would be a good idea.

S.K. Ren:
My Character story is on the file I sent you. Check the Information tab under Manage in the Character Builder. I suppose I could attach a .txt here if it turns out I sent you the un-updated file w/o my backstory.

Xander Morhaime:
No, I'd say you're pretty much good to go.

That just leaves Tavana and Madtrixr, then.

Saliak, Dragonborn Runepriest, brings the drinks to the table atop his shield.

"It is only fair that I mediate these precedings. But please do not strip off, Ryltar. I do not want to have to trace the Rune of Blindness in this drinking establishment, but there are fates worse than losing your sight."

His scaly arms extend and each competitor has four ales placed in front of them. He pretends to considers for a moment (yes, his bluff check IS that low) "As for you, Ma'kirr, I suppose the Rune could be traced in such a fashion that it affects everyone BUT me..."

Tristan, Half-Elf paladin, sits on the opposite side of the table, playing a merry tune on his pan flutes.

'I'll give up the drinking tonight' he says, grinning. 'Just in case our feline Lady loses the contest, and I will want to remember the Ryltar's prize well...' He pauses and gives you all an innocent look. 'Of course I've meant that I will have to be sober to protect her honour, should some evil doer try to disgrace her!'

He chuckles, and returns to playing, watching rest of the party with curiosity in his eyes.


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