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Author Topic: Build Challenges  (Read 1640 times)


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Build Challenges
« on: November 13, 2011, 22:14 »

Back when classes were first being discussed, one speculation was that it would take the form of a third ranking system, where you would beat the game within certain trait requirements and get a title or whatever. While we ended up with a much better system (thanks Kornel!), I still kind of like this idea. Therefore I present...

Challenge Builds!!!

It's like this. List the class, traits, blocked traits (if any), and challenge mode (if any), and challenge the rest of the forums to win with it! (Note: It would be nice if you actually beat it yourself first.) Here's a very simple example:

Build name: Doomguy Classic
Challenge: AoI
Class: Marine
Traits: BA (1)
        Dodgemaster (1)
        Shottyman (1)
        EE (1)
        Brute (1)
        Ironman (4)
        Any extras, dump into Finesse
Blocks: TAN, Intuition, Son of a Gun, SoB, Whizkid, Juggler
Inspiration: The idea is to create a character that plays exactly like the original Doomguy. (Hence AoI; Doom had no inventory.) Turns out pretty strong!
Doomed Marine Medal Series
        Bronze: Win
        Silver: HMP win w/100% kills
        Gold: UV Win
        Platinum: UV Conqueror Win
        Diamond: N! Conqueror Win w/90% kills

So you would get the traits in any order you want, with the exception of saving Ironman for last, overflowing any extra into Finesse if you actually got that many levels.

My mortem:,4914.0.html
I only got a Bronze. :P

So...let the challenges begin!
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