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where and when we can download a development/alpha version for testing? :)

The PLAN is to have the first WolfRL release at or soon after the DoomRL 0997 release.  Realistically, the CONSOLE version MAY be ready by this time but will probably not be well balanced (KK's had several years to get DoomRL's balance reasonable, I'm on a tighter deadline).  The graphics will probably not be ready by December; we'll play that by ear.

Currently TC support doesn't exist so only devs can run it (not that any do--DoomRL 0997 is keeping them quite busy).  An official beta period is unlikely since it is always coupled to the engine in SVN, but I'm not limited to any specific release schedule--Once 0997 hits and everyone's had their fill of that we can pump out releases until everyone's happy.


I predicted WolfGuy wouldn't make it ten steps before the AoD eviscerated him.
I was wrong.  He made it 11.

It's been quiet, so I present an update:

Full TCs have been pushed til next release which probably won't be out until after Spring.  A few nice features should come with the delay though so I can't complain too much.

Level ideas welcome as are pixel artists better than I.

First off, I like the idea. Wolfenstein 3D was simpler than DOOM, but it too holds lots of potential for becoming more complex. I also like the variety of weapons available, although they could be re-named to be more historically accurate (the paratroop rifle is the FG42 and the thompson is the Thompson M1A1, for example). However, I think the heads of BJ and the SS soldiers look too big.

As for suggestions? I would recommend level styles/progression based on the original game: escaping from Castle Wolfenstein, looting treasure and killing Nazis as you go, obviously culminating with the fight with Hans Grosse. Maybe pushwall secret rooms are feasible? I would suggest a number of randomized levels for each level of the castle, like in DOOMRL. After you escape Wolfenstein the next episode can be modeled after the 2nd episode from Wolfenstein, and so on for the third and Spear of Destiny. Maybe levels based on Return to Castle Wolfenstein are too far-fetched at present, but I see no reason not to have enemies and weapons from that game and the 2009 game as well if they're not already in the mod in one form or another.

This is still great and you have my support for this.


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