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I don't want to lose my diamonds

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Sum Gai:
It may sound silly, but as excited as I am to see a new version of Doom RL, I find I just can't bring myself to give up my rank and start over as a private.

Is there any way that I can take the rank I earned in the previous version of Doom RL with me to the new version?

If not, then will I be able to keep it between this new version and the next release to come along?

White Rider:
Copy your player.wad over from a previous version.

I actually copied nothing, just uninstalled 0996 (properly) and replaced with 0997 in the same folder. Kept all my scores, so I deleted them on purpose.

Sum Gai:

I remember when I started playing, and for the longest time I thought diamonds were just impossible to collect. But somehow I've managed to get 10 and...   Holy shit! Archangel badges! WTF! These are all impossible! There's no way any of these can be done!


Damn, I'm probably going to find myself trying for them now...

Anyway, thanks guys. A lot.

Yeah, as long as you keep your player.wad file (and score.wad? Is that a thing?), you can keep your progress in between versions, though sometimes requirements for some badges and/or gameplay changes a lot and it's good practice to start over. Nobody's forcing you to though.

I've dreaded new versions as well, though I've later found that badges I spent days and weeks to achieve are suddenly relatively easy to get the second time.


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