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Author Topic: Extended Master Traits  (Read 5720 times)


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Extended Master Traits
« on: May 28, 2015, 12:07 »

Right now reaching character level 25 is somewhat of a let-down because of the lack of good traits to take.

I think it could be made more interesting if you could pick a second master trait assuming you didn't block it off (At level 20, since 100% N! only reaches 18)

OR, if that doesn't work, let a second master point in the same trait at 25.
Heres my ideas (Probably overpowered)
Vampire(2) -> 20% enemy max health
Blademaster(2) -> melee attacks cost no energy
Malicious blades(2) -> Any melee weapon counts as a blade now (Because I want doomguy to do this with double chainsaws )

Bullet Dance(2) -> Goes down to +25% timecost
Gun Kata(2) -> Dodging also reloads pistols
Sharpshooter(2) -> Chaingun type weapons fired in bursts (not continuously) also do maximum damage

Army of the Dead (2) -> Shotgun's range drop-off is decreased by 1
Shottyhead(2) -> Shotguns fire and reload at 1/3rd normal speed
Fireangel(2) -> 100% Fire resist

Ammochain(2) -> 0 ammo cost
Cateye(2) -> Intuition shows enemy type as well. Or more vision range, idk
Entrenchment(2) -> +50% resistances while chainfiring

Survivalist(2) -> 100% chance for 0 damage->0. all Medkits can heal up to 200%
Gunrunner(2) -> Running lasts double time
Scavenger(2) -> Can scavenge armor the same way

Yay for overpowered Ao666 runs!
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