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oohh, my wish was granted! just trying it out :D

first impressions:
monster and weapon sound effects are way too loud compared to the music. i love the ambient theme, perfect dungeon crawler music, but its so low!

weapon switches, why not simply use one button 'w' and toggle the highlight as you do now?

i realise this is a 7dayrl but maybe sometime in the future, replace the doom sound effects plz? :)
on another sound note, might be copyright issues here of course, but when you die the bottom wav here really should be played :D:

havent gotten very far so this might already be implemented, but high points in medical skill could grant a slow health regeneration?

points noted by others:

mp5 too weak. lower fire rate w. more damage, or just better accuracy? ..dunno

minimap would be a nice addition, could also serve as a visual output for any future motion tracker device. i think the map should be black from the start, so you get a better sense of where you have been and not.
something like this would be cool: http://iceyboard.no-ip.org/images/paprika/grimgrad_pet_redcobra_graphical.gif

the 'first attack' that's been discussed, a cattle prod or SOMETHING :) to fend of that last heavily wounded alien right in front of you when you run out of ammo. maybe only a problem at the start?
i am also experiencing cut off sounds every now and then
also, shouldnt the aliens blood be yellow or that just looks to weird?
max no. of healhpacks increased by medical skill?
how about firing modes, for the mp5 say, single, burst, auto?
the combat shotgun seems way too weak, i just had to load 2 full mags at point blank on a common worker? or is damage skill dependant?

First off, this game is great, especially for a 7DRL.  It captured the mood of the alien films and the alien breed games wonderfully.  I really hope you keep working on this one.

Also, I noticed in a few of the other threads they were talking about putting a motion detector.  I really hope you do this because it was one of the main things that upped the tension in the movies.  In the game just imagine skulking down a cooridor, scared to death because your ammo and health are low, when that accursed sound starts in:  Beep-eep... Beep-eep... You check your motion detector and shows multiple contacts in multiple directions.  Oh crap...

My suggestion (which probably just echoes someone else's but still) is to only have the motion detector show the direction where there is some movement and even then only vaguely.  In the movies they never were really sure where it was coming from so why should you in this?  And of course motion detectors work by sensing changes in air pressure so anything could set them off... a fan in a duct, a rat, a civilian, etc.

Also, I can understand why you didn't put in the alien's acid blood with all the narrow cooridors.  One thing I'm not so sure about is whether or not the aliens move between rooms.  Do they?  In the movies they used the duct work to get around and it would be nice to see something like that in this.

One last thing... if certain individuals who like to complain about every little thing start to get on your nerves I recommend reading this:  http://www.somethingawful.com/d/news/warcraft-frontline.php

It'll cheer you right up.

anticheese, yeah, so the marines walk around it.... but if their unloading their MP5 into an alien, that acid blood is going to be flying all over the place! not much of an effect against a wall, but if even a single drop lands on YOU, itll eat right through your flesh, just like the movies! DUH!

the high medical stat giving slow regen is a very good idea!

as for the fists, the brass knuckles was only a suggestion, to be thought over, not a proposal! but still, u are assuming that by punching them your fist will go straight through into their bodies, to be instantly pulped by their acid blood... which is stupid, their armor skin is too hard. as for that, in the movies there was bio-enhancements, which the marines obviosly have, so they can handle punching the aliens hard skin without breaking every bone in their hands!

one other thing, heavy weapons should be considered just like primary and sidearms, and have their ammo more easily found, and THEM more easily found. and 1 sidearm?? no soldier worth his salt ever goes to battle without 2 sidearms, on each side, in belt holsters or whatever, even if they use only one at a time....


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