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Author Topic: [U|100%|AoCn|YAAM|YAFW] Daredevil Platinum attempt went better then expected...  (Read 785 times)


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I'd been having a lot of difficulty with this challenge, attempting special levels because of course that's what you do when you've never tried them before... Several attempts ended at the Wall, a few at Deimos Lab(which I eventually quit attempting), and many at the Armory. This time I skipped them all, and had quite good luck with items and mods regardless. An early super shotgun was very helpful, as was an Onyx mod that went onto a set of Red armor that served me very well until I brilliantly forgot that Cybernetic is cursed, and all but screwed myself out of the run completely. Very careful play, tactical use of MVm, and some lucky level layouts saw me through to the end, fortunately.

Other fortuitous events included an Invulnerability on Deimos 7 for damageless Cyberdemon, and finding the Butcher's Cleaver, making UC even easier then it already was with MVm and securing me Azrael's Scythe(courtesy of the 100% kill requirement on Daredevil Platinum), which, coupled with a healthy stack of medkits, got me Scavenger Diamond at the Vaults.

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This badge haul got me Major General, and I'm now only one Platinum away from my former rank of Lieutenant General, with more Diamonds and Angelics then I had before, so as long as I can keep finishing Platinum challenges, I can promote a few more skill ranks without too much trouble before the real pain begins...

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