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Author Topic: [N!|YASD|83%|20|AoMc+AoD] limbo mistakes  (Read 778 times)


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[N!|YASD|83%|20|AoMc+AoD] limbo mistakes
« on: September 16, 2017, 11:48 »

shooting for the hunter diamond... AoD makes you level up absurdly fast so i was able to get int 2 on level 1 and cateye by level 3. mostly smooth sailing until i got pounded on in limbo. should have used all my skulls at the beginning and just bfgd my way out of things. oh well, maybe next time

 DoomRL ( roguelike post-mortem character dump

 khiijol, level 18 Arch-Vile General Scout,
 was fried by a nightmare cacodemon on level 4 of Hell.
 He survived 935231 turns and scored 882046 points.
 He played for 2 hours, 7 minutes and 48 seconds.
 He opposed the Nightmare!

 He killed 1410 out of 1680 hellspawn. (83%)
 He was an Angel of Max Carnage!
 He was also an Angel of Darkness!

-- Special levels --------------------------------------------

  Levels generated : 11
  Levels visited   : 10
  Levels completed : 4

-- Awards ----------------------------------------------------

  Cyberdemon's Head
  UAC Star (gold cluster)
  Hell Armorer Badge

-- Graveyard -------------------------------------------------


-- Statistics ------------------------------------------------

  Health 0/50   Experience 199411/18
  ToHit Ranged +12  ToHit Melee +12  ToDmg Ranged +5  ToDmg Melee +5

-- Traits ----------------------------------------------------

  Class : Scout

    Finesse          (Level 2)
    Hellrunner       (Level 3)
    Son of a bitch   (Level 5)
    Dodgemaster      (Level 1)
    Intuition        (Level 2)
    Whizkid          (Level 2)
    Triggerhappy     (Level 2)
    Cateye           (Level 1)


-- Equipment -------------------------------------------------

    [a] [ Armor      ]   nanofiber red armor [2]
    [b] [ Weapon     ]   tactical shotgun (8d3) [1/5]
    [c] [ Boots      ]   tactical boots [0/0] (100%)
    [d] [ Prepared   ]   gatling gun (1d7)x6 [0/60]

-- Inventory -------------------------------------------------

    [a] hyperblaster (2d4)x5 [0/40] (F1)
    [b] missile launcher (6d6) [4/4]
    [c] BFG 9000 (10d6) [100/100]
    [d] red armor [3/6] (45%) (P)
    [e] shotgun shell (x25)
    [f] rocket (x3)
    [g] power cell (x37)
    [h] small med-pack
    [i] large med-pack
    [j] large med-pack
    [k] envirosuit pack
    [l] envirosuit pack
    [m] hatred skull
    [n] 10mm ammo chain (x250)
    [o] 10mm ammo chain (x250)
    [p] shell box (x100)
    [q] power battery (x120)

-- Resistances -----------------------------------------------

    Fire       - internal 0%    torso 13%   feet 0%   

-- Kills -----------------------------------------------------

    180 former humans
    149 former sergeants
    85 former captains
    270 imps
    32 demons
    375 lost souls
    39 cacodemons
    23 hell knights
    58 barons of hell
    24 arachnotrons
    19 former commandos
    31 pain elementals
    29 revenants
    11 mancubi
    17 arch-viles
    8 nightmare imps
    6 nightmare cacodemons
    45 nightmare demons
    3 bruiser brothers
    4 shamblers
    1 agony elemental
    1 Cyberdemon

-- History ---------------------------------------------------

  He started his journey on the surface of Phobos.
  On level 2 he entered Hell's Arena.
  He cowardly fled the Arena.
  On level 5 he stormed the Chained Court.
  On level 6 he assembled a gatling gun!
  On level 7 he sneaked into the Phobos Lab.
  On level 7 he assembled a tactical shotgun!
  He broke through the lab.
  On level 8 he encountered the Phobos Anomaly.
  On level 9 he entered Deimos Lab.
  On level 9 he assembled a tactical boots!
  He destroyed the evil within and reaped the rewards!
  On level 11 he arrived at the Containment Area.
  He emerged from the Containment Area victorious!
  On level 12 he assembled a nanofiber armor!
  On level 12 he found the City of Skulls.
  He wiped out the City of Skulls.
  Level 14 was a hard nut to crack!
  On level 14 he ventured into the Halls of Carnage.
  On level 16 he found the Tower of Babel!
  On level 17 he assembled a hyperblaster!
  On level 17 he invaded the Unholy Cathedral!
  He fled the Unholy Cathedral seeing no chance to win.
  On level 18 he ran for his life from lava!
  On level 19 he entered the Vaults.
  He came, he saw, but he left.
  On level 20 he was foolish enough to enter Limbo!
  On level 20 he finally was fried by a nightmare cacodemon.

-- Messages --------------------------------------------------

 You use a large med-pack. You feel fully healed. You hear the scream of a
 freed soul!
 You start running!
 You hear the scream of a freed soul!
 The arch-vile raises his arms!
 The missile hits the arch-vile.
 You hear the scream of a freed soul!
 The missile hits the arch-vile. The missile hits the arch-vile. You hear the
 scream of a freed soul!
 The missile hits the arch-vile.
 You swap your weapons. You are hit! You hear the scream of a freed soul!
 You swap your weapons. You hear the scream of a freed soul!
 You prepare the tactical shotgun! The nightmare demon dies. You are engulfed
 in flames!
 You reload the tactical shotgun. You are hit! You hear the scream of a freed
 soul! You are hit! You die!... Press <Enter>...

-- General ---------------------------------------------------

 800 brave souls have ventured into Phobos:
 686 of those were killed.
 4 of those were killed by something unknown.
 18 didn't read the thermonuclear bomb manual.
 And 44 couldn't handle the stress and committed a stupid suicide.

 48 souls destroyed the Mastermind...
 3 sacrificed itself for the good of mankind.
 38 killed the bitch and survived.
 7 showed that it can outsmart Hell itself.



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Re: [N!|YASD|83%|20|AoMc+AoD] limbo mistakes
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2017, 13:42 »

Interesting combination of Angels... might be something for me to consider if I attempt that challenge.  Very nice run regardless... better luck on your future attempts.
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Re: [N!|YASD|83%|20|AoMc+AoD] limbo mistakes
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2017, 16:34 »

Interesting combination of Angels...

More like absolutely masochistic combination of Angels.  It takes away the one advantage of AoMC and replaces it with disadvantages!  :o  I know because I did it myself once.  (Although only at HMP)  To do it at N! must mean extra masochism!  O_o

Looks like you got pretty impressively far, though!  Kudos!  :D
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Re: [N!|YASD|83%|20|AoMc+AoD] limbo mistakes
« Reply #3 on: September 17, 2017, 06:22 »

thanks guys, i'm only able to make real progress in N! so far on AoMc, aside from the stairdiving chainsaw runs

the experience boost on nightmare plus AoD's double xp feature makes this a little easier than it would sound on the surface. one of the hardest levels to get past is level 1, you pretty much need a spawn that has the base close to your starting position. the few starts where you have to move through open space and trees leaves you wide open for shotguns, and i usually get killed here

but going into level 2 with int 2 is extremely helpful. at worse you're dealing with cacodemons here if there is a vault, and you're almost always guaranteed a chaingun, which on AoMc cuts through formers and imps with one blast, demons with two, and since AoMc cancels out accuracy penalities, picking off monsters at the edge of intuition's range becomes far easier. i didn't do anything in hell's arena beyond run for the exit and maybe blast a demon or two in my way, but this was still enough for me to pick up cateye by level three, which more or less neutralizes AoD's vision hinderance. from this point on you level up ridiculously fast, going into phobos lab i had two levels of hellrunner and was able to dance around the nightmare demons with ease

had i picked up another homing phase device i'm confident i would have blinked out of limbo and gotten to the end with ease. hyperblaster F1 + SoB 5 and Th 2 on MC is absolutely devastating
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