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Author Topic: [U|AoMC+AoRA|YAAM] Quartermaster Diamond  (Read 1602 times)


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[U|AoMC+AoRA|YAAM] Quartermaster Diamond
« on: May 16, 2020, 19:42 »

This is another badge that took more attempts than by any rights it should have.

I died a few dozen times figuring out the early game, and then I killed some characters at Hell's Armory and Deimos Lab figuring out how to do those levels fast enough, but after I managed to get a nanopack there I figured I would be good.  Even after I fucked up and lost my power red armor to baron acid in Halls of Carnage, I thought I would be good.  Then, I got the world's worst levels for a gunrunner build, level after level of the small rooms layout filled with lava barrels.    What's worse, I had to take repeated lava baths on these same levels, which had drained my health packs so I couldn't afford to keep myself at full health, and I saw no power cells after the Halls of Carnage and few shotgun shells.  I had to cannibalize the BFG's cells for my plasma rifle and almost ran out of those too.  I was on my last shellbox and the shells left over from three sergeants on the previous level when I finally misestimated my line of sight (I suspect a mancubus had line of sight on me without me having line of sight on it) and an arch-vile blast combined with a mancubus rocket killed me while I was trying to gunrunner them to death on another small rooms layout that forced me into close quarters with them, since I couldn't afford to plasma rifle them from outside their LoS because I was almost out of cells.  That was an intensely frustrating loss.

That was followed up by the game where I got a plasmatic shrapnel shotgun and a nuclear plasma rifle from Hell's Armory, and then on Deimos 5 I hit an arachnotron cave entirely out in the open on three sides.  I had berserk from a pack on the previous level, but while I killed most of the visible spiders, the remainder tore me to pieces when the berserk ended.  There was an invulnerability globe close-ish that maybe I could have made it too, but it was at least equally likely that I died because of more spiders shooting at me.

Then, after a few low-level deaths (not counting the usual dozens of quits in Phobos Base Entry), I finally lost three characters to near-misses in Deimos Lab where I almost but not quite finished before I ran out of time and the nuke went off.

This game was unremarkable in comparison.  I got a plasma rifle and immediately made a high-power plasma rifle on Phobos 6, but I didn't get a combat shotgun until Hell's Armory, where I immediately made it into a tactical shotgun.  I cut it close on Hell's Armory, less than 30 seconds, but I could have sped up if I'd needed to.  The phaseshift armor I found on Deimos 2 or 3, and I made it fireproof soon after.  With tactical boots and phaseshift armor plus the decreased numbers of monsters in late Deimos and Hell, I didn't need to worry about running out of time any more.  The rest of the game was forgettable: I had plenty of ammo and saw only one little rooms layout.  I accidentally took Shottyman instead of Gunrunner, and it completely didn't matter.  The phaseshift boots came from the Vaults, and that made the final levels of Hell a joke.

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