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  • August 14, 2022, 18:38
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I reckon the Cursed status prevents any use of active abilities, as when I did it with Scout I couldn't use his teleport attack. Demon sword is absolutely awesome, but can't be used for Tehnician dual wielding master trait.

I always considered that loss of Hellruner and Finesse in Army of Darkness is necessary to not make it too OP.

Post Mortem / [0.9.1|H|Sc|GK|
« on: June 20, 2020, 04:57 »
So I'm not really that good at Jupiter Hell or DRL, but it's fun for me. So after finishing on medium I tried hard and after a few tries I could confirmed what i suspected before, that Scout with Gun Kata is the most effective character at the moment. At least the way I play. And honestly, Scout has the most Master Traits I find fun to play with.

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