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Yeah... but, chainsaw exploit or not, berserk is still way OP. :P

I will not get baited, I will not get baited, I will not get BAARRHRHGHGHGGH!


...chainsaw nerf?

Thelaptop. Your devotion to the Cause of our Forge is indeed admirable, but I warn you: do not meddle in the affairs of the AoB Priesthood. It is not that we are swift to anger, it is that we have an array of hate lasers on the orbit primed to smite the berserk-nerfing heathen out of the face of the planet.

Just a friendly reminder from your neighborhood high priest.

Legend is a legend, though. Even if conservative. You know, if legends were not grognards, this world would be a sad place :P

I honestly wouldn't know, I only discovered this game when 0996 was released. It did save my progress when I installed 0997, though, but I purposely deleted the files so as to start with a clean slate. Was my one shot at seeing more than 3 or 4 rewards appear in the mortem, and I'm a sucker for artificial praise.

You're talking to a living legend, LuckyDee. Thomas was - and is - one of the most influential personalities in the history of DoomRL. He is probably the only person on the forums, from among the still active, that can boast once having his nick painted red because of the DoomRL Angel title bestowed upon those few who basically kept this game alive after it had entered a long, dreary stasis.

5 / Re: [U|AoB|YAAM/YAFW] I did it! :D (Gargulec Cross)
« on: December 04, 2012, 09:30 »
*obligatory congratulations*

Off Topic / Re: Got any superstitions? [School Assignment]
« on: November 25, 2012, 07:08 »
As somebody who used to know the poster above I can tell you that yes, people love clinging to superstition.

As a moderator of this board, even if rather an inactive one, I would like to remind you that insinuations are not in best tone, better left for PMs and certainly eligible to get them redtexted next time they pop up.

Off Topic / Re: Got any superstitions? [School Assignment]
« on: November 22, 2012, 12:27 »
People these days still have superstitions?

As an anthropologist-in-making, I can tell you that yes. As many as ever. Superstitions is what we call them when we no longer abide by them :P

8 / Re: [U][100%][AoB][YAAM] Gargulec Cross
« on: June 12, 2012, 04:49 »
Oh for crying out loud, another one? People, people! Stop winning the cross named after me before I do it myself!


More seriously: awesome stuff you've got there.

Nightmare! / Re: [N!|AoOC|99%|YAVP] .........
« on: March 02, 2012, 15:21 »
How did you finish UC?

Lament! Lament and wail in despair, for a foul thing had happened to the cause of the Forge! As we were nearing the release, life struck mercilessly, and so, the deadline set for DoomRL at the breaking of the new year is going to be missed, and more, some features we came to expect from it are going to pushed back to the next version. Lament, for the next version the only Doom Roguelike that is shall be released with a few days of delay!

But lo, there is a light of hope on the horizon still! As the Almighty Kornel decrees, the work on the next version of DoomRL shall start immediately, and we shall able to bask in the glory of before we even know it! But more!

For those of you who had the magnanimity to donate, to join the hallowed ranks of the Supporters, let it be known that on the day become available to the public a wonder beyond words shall be granted to you: a graphical version beta, ready for playing and testing, long awaited, but worth every moment of the wait - to this, I attest, as the High Priest of the Forge!

So lose the hope not, folk of the Forge!

Play-By-Forum / Re: Doom(RL) Word soccer
« on: December 20, 2011, 16:44 »

And here... we... go.

Doom the Roguelike BETA 2 is out, and yes, it does bring many goods - and makes an excellent job out of showcasing the talents of our newest developer, Game Hunter, for it is by his that the beta was released. Together with Kornel and tehtmi, they are slowly taking the game to the new level - of intelligence, at least, for it is the AI of former foos and assorted being like hell knights or barons that was affected the most in this release - no longer they are dumb as... well, okay, they are still dumb, but less so, and this is a shooter, after all. They do not recruit intelligent people as minions, after all.

Well, not much else to talk here, so let us get to the meat:

Apart of that he [Game Hunter] and tehtmi did a lot of fixes from the last beta, leaving only one known bug which will be solved soon -- AoPc has no sane way to pass the Cyberdemon yet.

All that I have to say on this matter.

New Features

  • New AIs - former foos of all kinds, Hell Knights and Barons and also telebosses (Shambler, Lava Elemental)
  • New PowerUp!
  • Hell's Arena rewards tweaked to suit the tastes of challengers of all sorts!
  • New exotic weapon - the combat pistol!
  • Two new Challenges to replace the good, old Angel of Haste - Angel of Confidence and Angel of Overconfidence

So, that is all for now - may seam meagre, but is all but! Remember, this is the second beta, and there is a ton of technical work that goes behind the curtain that is to support thundering reworkings that we are going to see soon. How soon? Can't tell now, so if you are really itchy to put your hands on the new toys right now, why not donate?

Stay tuned for more!

Graveyard / Re: Ride Across The River IC
« on: November 09, 2011, 12:48 »
The women nodded, opening a locker by the wall, and starting to slowly get herself into a green enviro-suit. There was a holster on it, but no weapon.

The airlock hissed open a few minutes later, as Nikita was getting ready.

'Listen, many-eyed freak!' you've heard before the doors even swung open 'if you have done something to her again, I swear I'll blast you a few new eyesockets!'

And then, the massive disc rolled to the side, and Snorri found himself starring eye to eye with a turian mercenary, his sister getting suited up and a corpse of the batarian.

'On another thought' he sighed, raising his arms 'disregard that. And thank you, whoever you are, he was a real pain in the ass.'

He seemed strangely calm, not making any unnecessary, endangering gestures.

Archangel of Berserk:

You start with a DragonSlayer and a Berseker Armor automatically, but... let us just say that it is no mere Hell you are wandering into, you are there to slay the God Hand, and by all that is holy, that ain't gonna be easy. Apostoles, their endless spawn, ranks of enemies that seem to stretch out into infinity...

Not like they can stop you.

Nothing can.

...or how the world was changed.

Well, well, about time. Doom the Roguelike BETA is now out to donators, but you should have realized that by just reading the header here, so before I go into details, allow me to start with something related: GOOD FOLK OF CHAOSFORGE! Bid welcome to a new co-developer of Chaosforge games, noble and renowned Game_Hunter. He joined Almighty Kornel and tehtmi in their work, and together, the world will be theirs, in due time, of course.

But in the meantime, they managed to create this new wonderful, beautiful beta. Why wonderful and beautiful? Let us just say that it is groundbreaking release, as fitting for a .9.9.5 version. And reasons for it? Well. See for yourself, for I am going to allow facts to speak over an overly elaborate PR crap.

Apart from creating a huge number of changes-related bugs, this version gives us a few neat fixes already. First of all: difficult medals give you easier medals of the same series if you haven't already received them, which is something many wanted for a long time now. Second off: trying to fire with not enough (but non-zero) ammo is now instant. One less weirdness of the engine to worry about now. Neat. And, apart from that, a bunch of other minor fixes (mostly challenge) related was introduced, but them you will have to see for yourself.

New Features
And now....
  • MAJOR RESTRUCTURING OF THE GAME! - instead of simple progressing through Phobos Base into Phobos Hell, now we have something much truer to the source material: three episodes - Phobos Base, Tower of Babel and Dis, each culminating with a climatic boss encounter!
  • New final boss! Yeah, that is right: good ol' Cybbie will no longer be the one that capstones the game. Something more monstrous will be there, waiting for you!
  • New AIs! As of now, mancubi and arch-viles received a cool new AI, and as the new betas shall appear, all creatures will receive a similiar upgrade.
  • Last but not least, the long awaited nerf to the the much maligned Arch-Viles is here. You wanted, you have it now. After like a five years or so.
  • Tweaks of special level spawning, to go along with new level structure.

So... huge, huge things, as you can clearly see. Especially the nerf. Things worth seeing, worth playing. DoomRL changes, DoomRL evolves. And that is but the first step. And if you can't stand the wait and the teasers, maybe consider donating?

Stay tuned for more information, they should appearing shortly.

I think I forgot to mention the graphical version beta... damm it.

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