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Discussion / We're all still here...
« on: February 05, 2018, 15:58 »
Hey folks. If you're the sort to pop by now and again (or even if you've been active on here every day) you may have noticed that there's not much going on in the forums. I thought it might be a good idea to let you guys know that this is actually a good thing. Kornel has been hard at work coding away. And if you've got time to read this and want to verify my claim, feel free to check out the Chaosforge Discord Channel where Kornel has been announcing heaps of extra streams of his coding.

We now return to your regularly scheduled lurking.

DiabloRL / Bug Topic
« on: October 30, 2017, 06:21 »
Everyone loves playing DiabloRL because it's just that awesome. Sadly, bugs exist. So please let us know when you find them.

Useful information to post includes:
Version number
Operating system
What the bug is

Known bugs in DiabloRL 0.5.0:
The hydra spawned by the Guardian spell is not configured properly and will cause a stack overflow that will crash your game. Avoid casting it.
Damage/AC calculation is in need of some TLC.
Mortem text is also in need of some TLC.
Inventory and Quickskills are in need of some TLC.
Town Portal has errors if you avoid using it and walk back...and then use it again.
Also, errors happen if an item is sitting where the town portal appears and you cast it.
Selling an item and having nearly a full stack of gold can make your new gold disappear instead of drop to the ground.
Infravision does not work.
Knockback from weapons is conveyed to spells (and shouldn't be).

Off Topic / The Perfect Wedding
« on: June 18, 2012, 05:03 »
I recently had a conversation that sparked an amazing idea for a wedding.
Groom: Dressed as William Shatner in Star Trek
Best Man: Dressed as Spock in Star Trek
Groomsmen: Dressed as Red Suits - they're expendable
Bride: Dressed as a Jedi, with yellow lightsabre to match
Maid of Honor: Dressed as a Jedi, with light blue lightsabre to match.
Bridesmaids: Dressed as standard rebels, with blasters. Let's say they're from Yavin 4 time period.
As the red suits and the rebels usually get killed off during the climax of their respective enterprises (pun intended), a random alien will dispatch them during the vows. For extra points, have the priest play the role of this alien.
Any ideas or suggestions to improve this idea would be greatly appreciated.

Spoiler: Supplemental Image (click to show/hide)

Discussion / Chaosforge Steam Group
« on: March 05, 2011, 01:53 »
A portion of those who play and enjoy Chaosforge creations do actually play other games. Perhaps these people would like to band together while enjoying these games?

To this end a Chaosforge Steam group has been created. Any and all who are interested may join.

Announcements / DiabloRL 0.4.5 released!
« on: November 24, 2010, 03:32 »
After a long cold winter, the light that is DiabloRL has burst forth into being once more. After many new features and numerous gameplay tweaks, at last the gates of Hell are ready to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting town once more. But this time there are more choices on how to drive it back!

Download the new version without delay!

Graveyard / Scales of War: the TLDR version
« on: June 20, 2010, 00:31 »
This is intended to be a shorter read than the soon to be massive Scales of War thread. There will of course be spoilers for anyone who has not player the Scales of War adventure path previously. You have been warned.

Our adventurers are as follows:

Rah, halfling monk
Graven, warforged warden
Adis, human wizard
Karan, tiefling avengerbarbarian
Norian, human cleric

The gang gets together at a summons. They get DM'd away from it an end up in an Inn in a city nearby. There they attempt a moment at Roleplay, and to figure out who each other are, when I kick the stools out from underneath them, slaying a Barmaid in the progress. Wake up, folks: This is DnD 4th Edition.

The first encounter isn't too difficult, though the monsters that are minions have surprisingly high AC. They manage to clear the encounter faster than intended (they come into the Inn in waves) due in no small part to dailys being blown left right and centre. An action point or two goes flying also. Well, always good to figure out how to play the game, I suppose. Props go to Adis for putting out the fire that the Goblins bring with them, and Rah for slaying one entire round of monsters. Both expend their dailys to do so.

After this encounter they start to clean up the Inn and put the fires out. Then they head outside to rest. They do manage to get a short rest while a local Guard tries to interrogate them. But all too soon the players learn that yes, indeed, this IS 4th edition when around the corner lumbers an Ogre and some Archers. Yes, that's right. A level 8 monster in the midst of five level 1 adventurers. Nice way to kick start a campaign.

The Guard dashes off after mentioning some sort of reinforcements. He also takes the summons of our local cleric, Norian. This isn't the best move on Norian's part as we learn later. I place the characters and monsters and realize much to my dismay that I placed them too close together. The Ogre is coming around the corner and the players don't even give him a chance to move. I get a bit dissapointed at how quickly the Ogre goes down to their stiking abilities, but at least he wallops Graven a good one. Graven is quite lucky in this respect that the Ogre was weaken when his daily was spent, or he would be into negative hitpoints and unconcious.

The party also learns a little bit about how features of the environment will be used later on (this is 4th edition after all) when the cart the Ogre is pulling happens to be laden with pitch casks. The Ogre doesn't get a chance to throw one (his attack with them is spectacular!) but the Archers do. This leads to a bit of firey pain in the party, as well as setting the cart on fire. It goes boom at the end of the round.

The party gains a little bit of lore about what's going on around here, and then goes to sleep. The next day begins the first of several skill challenges that face them. The first is a Challenge to actually get the quest to help the town. They succeed to convince Councilman Troyas - barely - and are directed to go across the street to the Hall of Great Valor and meet with a character who has been mentioned before to ask about some missing items.

Here I added in a character not mentioned in the campaign text, Javil. He's here to give the players a bit more direction about where to go and what's going on, because they're not asking a lot of questions at this point. I'm thinking they just want to keep going and kill kill kill. So I throw him in and let them know "Folks! There's more than just killing goblins here! People are kidnapped! Treasures stolen too!" They get a chance to learn a bit more about the treasures, and then go home and to bed, since the council is still deliberating. Really, I'm just trying to give the Goblins a bigger head start, but the players don't seem to protest and seem to think that where I want to point them is fine by them.

They wake up and are met by Troyas again, who gives them a lot more information about what's going on. They now have the names and brief descriptions of the professions (no, they don't ask for better descriptions) of who they are looking for. They still have limited ideas of what the treasures are, but there's a good reason for that. Karan finally starts sticking up for the party and asking "Well, where the hell do we go from here?! And how much do we get for this stupid side quest!?!" The party is then directed to either track the Goblins by hand, or try to get directions from one captured in the raid two nights ago.

Morrik is that Goblin, and is on their way anyhow, so they give it a go. Success in this encounter rewards you with a map and some information. Failure results in the same map, but it leads you on a longer route through some enemy territory. The party fails badly, but to throw them off the scent I give them a piddling amount of experience (all debts for good RP up to this point have now been well paid) and told them they succeeded. The Goblin draws a map, and asks them to leave unless they need anything else. They don't question him further for any of the valuable information he has. Apparently they're satisfied with getting a map to the place and don't need to know anything else. They'll learn...

One character goes back to the Hall of Great Valor and accidentally learns a bit about their destination, Rivenroar. Other than that, they decide that they're not prepared enough to go, and spend some time gathering things that I at least assumed they would be taking with them. Apparently the lives of these villagers aren't that important to them...

They set off and into their next skill challenge, getting to Rivenroar. This skill challenge is a bit different, as with their bad map, success will lead them into an encounter. Failure will lead them to a different encounter...and then into the first encounter. Which could be quite bad. Not to mention that failing certain skill rolls starts to spend their valuable healing surges. In the end they succeed and only lose 1 healing surge per person. Now on to the next encounter...

AliensRL / More room ideas
« on: June 04, 2010, 02:05 »
I've got a list going for room designs in AliensRL, because ultimately I'd like to see each room be unique and have a purpose. I'd like even more ideas for what would be present in the towers of this semi-military base, though. Without colouring your ideas too much, here are a few of the things that I'm thinking could fit in the AliensRL world.

Code: (Rooms) [Select]
Mess Hall - Lots of tables with chairs, kitchen at one end.
Lots of vents in the kitchen = lots of Aliens can come get you through them.
Appears mainly in Civilian, perhaps Military as well.
Toilet Block - Stalls and vents galore. Almost always spawns a medpack.
Appears in every tower but Storage?
Shower Block + Swimming Pool - There'd have to be some awesome rewards for going in,
like maybe really good chances of keycards in the locker rooms next to the showers, because
there'd be a heck of a lot of Aliens in these places. Plus it's creepy. Anyone remember Aliens 2?
Spawns in Civilian.

Graveyard / Scales of War: DnD 4e PBF
« on: June 01, 2010, 07:04 »
Summer has nearly passed. The nights are getting shorter now, and there's a crispness in the air that beckons autumn forward. It's a time of change. A time when people gather close, and get ready to hunker down against the encroaching cold. The last ditch efforts to prepare for harvests are beginning, while others turn to higher tasks.

A most humble beginning

Fate leads us onwards. We each have our own destiny to reach. It may be the Gods that drive us, or perhaps just our own wills. But we all have a moment in time we're straining to reach. For this reason, within days of each other five unlikely persons find themselves inside Elisir Vale, answering summons for reinforcements against enemies in the western mountains. It's not an uncommon event, these summons. But these people are special, somehow. Their stories are different. They unfold with a fluid grace unlike anything the townsfolk have ever seen.

The Master of Summons is - however - unimpressed. After looking you over, he snorts. "Finally, group of five. You will travel together to answer the summons. Average lot, though. You'll die within minutes. Anyway, fifty gold each of you for answering the summons. You'll get double that if you actually show up at Overlook. According to these official summons, you'll need to appear within 30 days of when I've sealed them."

His seal inks briefly upon each summons, and they are handed to you along with a pouch jingling with treasure. "Look, you show a bit more promise than most who come through here, so I'll give you a tip. Not a one of you will survive a minute against what's out in those mountains if reports are true. It's a five day's march to Overlook. I suggest you spend the remaining days doing the hardest training of your life. Now get out of here. New recruits don't show up while the old batch is still waiting around."

With that you are pushed out into the early evening air of Marthton. After a minute or two to spend your new wealth, you are encouraged to leave by the local militia. West appears to be the order of the day. The townsfolk you pass along the way indicate the Brindol is the closest and best place to stay the night.

The quick exit (being thrown out is perhaps more precise) from Marthton dampens the mood slightly, and none of you is quite keen to talk until the lights of Brindol are warming your path. The Guards stop you quickly, but displaying your official summons makes them wave you on. Finally, a rumbling from perhaps your most odd looking companion breaks your silence. "An Inn. You'll need to sleep."

The first Inn you find along the road is called the Antler and Thistle, and the common room is lively for this time of year. A whole seven customers can be sighted through the doors. Enter, adventurer, and claim your destiny!

Graveyard / DnD 4e Campaign - Scales of War (OOC)
« on: May 29, 2010, 21:52 »
I've had DM experience, but I'm not that familiar with fourth edition rules. So what better way to learn than to DM, right? So here's the pitch:

I would like to lead four+ (ideally five+) victims adventurers on a mindnumbing adventure through dungeons, death and whatnot. There may be dragons involved, but the details are still sketchy. Characters would start at level one and be generated according to the player's handbook. ALL special considerations would need to be cleared before acceptance. Depending on how long I can keep your interests, play would continue concievably up to level 30. That's right, if you're willing to keep playing, I've got dungeons to throw at you.

The only character creation tips I will give are this: You're above average people. If you make your character absurdly powerful at level 1, it will die. Also, please send me a list of a couple of items your character would like to see along the track. I'm not guarenteeing the first monster will drop it, but at some point a travelling trader might be willing to part with it in exchange for your firstborn child.

Announcements / Phobos Times (Vol. 6 April)
« on: April 23, 2010, 05:10 »
The next epside of the Phobos Times is now available to the public. We would love your thoughts on this, and future issues, so get yours now!

Phobos Times Vol. 6

Announcements / Phobos Times (Vol. 5 March)
« on: March 21, 2010, 00:47 »
Postponed slightly so it wouldn't interfere with the joyous arrival of, the next Phobos Times is ripe and ready for reading!

Get yours now!

Modding / Design Issues: Mod Loading 2
« on: March 17, 2010, 23:49 »
Regarding the loading of mods - and in addition to the now locked thread further down the list - I wanted to add another possible option on how mods could be loaded in the future.

This is my "perfect" example of how mods could be loaded into the game.

There will be several options in the doomrlmod.ini file:

These will the be selected via a menu option in the main screen of DoomRL. I believe that the option to mod the game should be "locked" initially, until you've unlocked at least one rank (gotten to dlvl 10). Here's my breakdown of the menu:

First Screen
Code: [Select]
Select your core system to mod:
Play Default Mod Settings
Play Last Mod Configurations

Default mod settings will be "doomrl.wad" unmodded in the ini to start with, and can then be changed if you find something that you like to play a lot. The list would be populated from your doomrlmod.ini file, from the TCModList option. Note that the doomrl.wad is considered a "Total Conversion" for the purposes of this.

The next screen would then display all the available minor mods that you could choose, like so:
Second Screen
Code: [Select]
Choose your game modifications:
(Please note that mods that conflict with each other will cause you errors! Mod at your own risk!)
[ ] Massive BFG9K Spawns
[X] Only Spectres
[X] Super Run Mode
[ ] Cacodemons Are Pansies
[ ] JC Spawns On Normal Levels
Scroll down for more options!

Hopefully, there would be checking of what the mods will do to the system, so that if you choose mods that will conflict with each other the game will go "Umm, like, error?" BEFORE you start playing, but obviously that won't be perfect if it is implemented.

Anyhow, your selection of core system and mods will then be written to the doomrlmod.ini in the LastSettings option. Obviously, if a player attempts to run "Play Last Mod Configurations" there should be a check to make sure they haven't deleted the mod they were playing with the last time.

I find this idea to be superior to the CLI, though that could be an option as well. doomrlmod.ini seems to be a viable option to me, instead of adding the modding options into the doomrl.ini, for simplicity of someone who "just wants to mod" their game. Should it really happen? I'd prefer it not to. But I think there would be a call for it, regardless. Maybe I'm wrong.

Let me know if you have any thoughts.

EDIT: Just wanted to clarify, I was assuming that there is a default doomrl/mod folder where all the mods have to be located. I realized I never mentioned that.

Announcements / Phobos Times (Vol. 4 February)
« on: February 11, 2010, 01:26 »
Despite the glory of technical problems, the next issue of the much sought after Phobos Times is available for your viewing pleasure. Read and enjoy!

Phobos Times Vol. 4

DiabloRL / Features!?! - YAVP
« on: January 23, 2010, 03:04 »
DiabloRL is still here and kicking, and work is being carried out. The list of features is slowly getting better and better.

Expect a stable-ish build, and soon! =D

 DiabloRL 7DRL PRERELEASE roguelike postmortem character dump

  Alucard, level 9 warrior, killed the Butcher
  in Butcher's Hideout, after 6911 turns.
  He scored 138129 points, killing 420 hellspawn.

  He advanced to level 9 gaining 53409 experience.
  He found 20043 gold coins.

-- Statistics ------------------------------------------------

  Strength   65/65
  Magic      10/10
  Dexterity  25/25
  Vitality   25/25

  Life 86  Mana 18
  Armor 81  ToHit 62

-- Equipment -------------------------------------------------

  [ Head   ] Crown [14]
  [ Neck   ]  nothing
  [ Torso  ] Plate Mail [50]
  [ Weapon ] Two-Handed Sword (8-16)
  [ Shield ] Kite Shield of quality [12]
  [ RRing  ]  nothing
  [ LRing  ]  nothing

-- Quickslots ------------------------------------------------

  [ Slot 1 ] Potion of Full Mana
  [ Slot 2 ] Scroll of Town Portal
  [ Slot 3 ] Potion of Full Healing
  [ Slot 4 ] Potion of Healing
  [ Slot 5 ] Potion of Healing
  [ Slot 6 ] Potion of Healing
  [ Slot 7 ] Scroll of Town Portal
  [ Slot 8 ] Potion of Full Rejuvination

-- Inventory -------------------------------------------------

  Full Plate Mail [70]
  Cape [4]
  Cap [2]
  Broad Sword (4-12)
  Large Shield [8]
  20043 gold coins

-- Kills -----------------------------------------------------

  skeleton captain    17
  scavenger           43
  skeleton            41
  fallen one          51
  zombie              17
  corpse captain      7
  plague eater        51
  burning dead        16
  carver              38
  devil kin           20
  ghoul               16
  rotting carcass     37
  Shadowbite          1
  burning dead captain16
  shadow beast        34
  Goretongue          1
  Gutshank the Quick  1
  bone gasher         10
  Madeye the Dead     1
  Pulsecrawler        1
  Butcher             1


Announcements / Phobos Times (Vol. 3 January)
« on: January 10, 2010, 05:12 »
The first Phobos Times issue for 2010 is ready for action! Get your copy now!

Phobos Times Vol. 3

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