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Requests For Features / Re: What's with Frag Shotgun?
« on: December 01, 2013, 13:13 »
the wiki comments are no place for statements like this
I hadn't any guidelines clear enough to figure out where the exact limit is. Even though they're still questionable, I don't see any reason to keep this comment opened another tab, removed the comment from the wiki.
Something else?

BTW wonder if it's spread will work with Demolition Ammo without engine bugs...

Requests For Features / Re: What's with Frag Shotgun?
« on: December 01, 2013, 12:10 »
Yeah, these things are strongly correlated. As far as I remember, in one of the short discussions (not in my big thread) someone asked "why it's so weak" and the answer was sorta "because it's a weapon of ,,what-if`` concept, not a ripe fruit". So I've mentioned that in the wiki comments; and than, all of sudden, I've got a good idea. Why guessing if I can just come here and ask: are you really still going to do something with it? Or maybe I should remove my comment? So I've asked.
Ahem... maybe I should ask BEFORE I fill the "comment" field... Sprytne pomysły są zawsze późno.

I wish to have such a thing IRL someday O_o

The only way which does not include UNKNOWN squares is thru. Probably one part of the engine contradicts with others. It returns "path is OK" (and it IS!), and other one tells "You shall not pass this way!!!" about the safe way, making third one choose the dangerous one.

If I only could set DIFFERENT target and aiming squares.

Requests For Features / What's with Frag Shotgun?
« on: December 01, 2013, 09:57 »
Will you do something with it? Bump from unique 7d3 to exotic 8d3, turn into Dum-Dum shotgun (,6111.150.html ), something else?

Bug Reports / Re: Pathfinding bugs
« on: May 14, 2013, 04:50 »
Not just gamedev, particle physics data processing (my current job) is the same. Some fixes look so simple, rather interface than core but suddenly require a major core re-working. Some look so hard and complicated but require nothing except the device operator's guide and Least Squares approach. Describing typical task's difficulty as a damage, I'm sure it's far from Gauss' and I think it's 3d9 * N where N is the expected difficulty. Or even 2d11.

I afraid of two things:
1) Big overhead. Sometimes, job manage can take more time than the job itself.
2) Sometimes I can get suddenly busy for an unpredictable time. For example, it took half an hour to write this post. I've got four incoming calls about a photocathode strobe correction, sensor calibration ETA, my own analysis software setup (twice)... sorry, +15 min because of 5th call. Yesterday "one-evening" update led to a stability loss.

But spacemarines do not surrender.

Bug Reports / Pathfinding bugs
« on: May 13, 2013, 17:40 »
Arch-viles get stuck in lava.
Player can't find a route in a darkness even if he has a map.
Player CAN find a route in a darkness without a map if you click on a discovered square and he does not feel too shy to walk on dark squares and use doors hidden in the dark, walking to a door as if he knows that door is there.
Player can't reach any far tiles.
Pathfinding algorithm does not take into account you have 100% resistive boots.

With DoomRL maps size, Wave Propagation Algorithm will work in milliseconds. I can write it in one evening after job, without any of the bug mentioned above.
Maybe I should join the dev team?

I don't like the fact AI does not use this advantage. Monsters never try to reach the safe corner and shoot you when they are not visible. It gives player some tactical moves which always prevent opponents from occasional corner-shooting (because there are NO corner-shooting on purpose, only occasional). But I understand if AI really try to reach a corner the game will probably be much harder.

I've found Dragonslayer twice during my current Ao666 marathon. But I neither know how to get it nor like melee. Also, I've already got Cybernano Red.

Wonder if Phaseshift Armor + PONP + P and Phaseshift Boots + AAN + A will work as a legitimate Phaseshift set. Will probably try someday.
Good BFG family balance BTW, wielkie dzięki :)

So item I couldn't pick up really appears again.

And my five groszy: similar bug just given me a cheatingly awesome weapon. Plasma Shotgun + PPPNB. It can be self-loaded or loaded manually if you have cells as well as Shottyman trait. It's hard to notice because shotgun + N is usually nano-shrapnel, but I didn't want to lose 3 dice.
By the way I suggest to bump Plasma Shotgun when it's involved into Plasmatic Shrapnel or Nano Shrapnel assembly to make those assemblies less meaningless for this weapon. For example, it will be enough to give back/add additional 3 dice.

Allow +2 more upgrades for this weapon.

Of course, not exact. Maybe even a vector, not an area. One of eight possible directions around the player.

Firestorm on an armor.

Kinda mix: add more "you hear" messages and use the frame. Frame can be shown in the text mode: tiles where the sound source CAN be = inside the frame. Tiles where the sound source can NOT be = outside the frame.
Like this.

And I like sounds as they are now. Additions to the system? Yes. Replacement? No.

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