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Discussion / Another Journey to 100%
« on: July 03, 2020, 18:08 »
Hello once again! I hope you've all been well under these extraordinary times.

Continuing my trend of playing this game every few years, I've had an itch to pick it up again and am keen to push even further and faster than I did previously! For those who may be unfamiliar, I had a daily blog of sorts with my progress before, "The Journey to 100%", and think it would be fun to do it another time. Maybe I'll get much closer to 100% this time, maybe I'll crash and burn after playing so much again, who knows. Maybe there will be a part 3 in 2024 or something.

The main thing that always draws me in is D***RL is it's an extremely fun, well-designed, satisfying game to play, even if there are some balance issues. It really fits well with my grindy and analytical gaming playstyle, and I can enjoy playing single-player at my own pace.

Since I know so much more now and am far more experienced coming into the game this time, I think I'll quickly get back to where I was before. For reference, the last time I tried this, I clocked in over 300 hours within 2 months, while also working full time, and at the current moment, I just finished my last day of any sort of productivity for the next couple months. I did have some backups of my progress before, but not up to when I stopped last time, and quite honestly, I think it would be a lot more fun to start fresh anyway.

I'm thinking of doing the same type of blog style I did before, both to provide some interesting reading material, and to also contain everything I do in one place instead of flooding out what other players post in the mortem section. It's also helpful to have a lot of strategy ideas for those who are also seeking achievements, and I definitely will be referring to my old mortems to help myself.

I also think this time I'll try some non-badge challenges that seem like fun to keep things interesting. Some sort of difficulty existing between Diamond and Angelic would be wonderful as the jump between them is quite ridiculous and can be demotivating. That said, I really want to try to catch Papilio and Tormuse. One itch that I never scratched is I was an Angel of 100 on Nightmare from getting the last Medal and with it, two more Diamond Badge, which I really wish I did.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy what I have to share and hopefully don't take this in as spammy or anything like that. :)

Discussion / The Journey to 100%
« on: September 08, 2017, 16:12 »
Hello! I'm a long-time lurker who's played off and on for a few years now, and recently decided to pick the game up again! I'm already fairly competent with the game, but by no means a veteran. I've only ever played with graphics, though I also did play back when the game's name still had vowels.

I've been a competitive gamer for close to 15 years now and always love a good challenge! When I originally started to play and again from a fresh start a couple years later, I wanted to go hard to get as many of the badges as possible, but I never really got around to it between other games, work, school, IRL, and so forth. Lately, I've been in a bit of a rut and interested to start once again and really grind for it this time! I thought it would also be interesting to write about my progress here to share with others, perhaps also motivating more people to play. Kind of like a blog I suppose to also help myself be accountable for not giving up when things get tough. Hopefully it doesn't come off as obnoxious spam or anything. :P

In particular, I remember seeing when Vandam showed off that he had 16 on the Angelic Badges, and I thought it was so cool! In this day and age with the internet and all, it's very rare for a masterfully skilled player/athlete/person/etc to come from out of the blue and re-define what top-level play is like. Almost romantic in a sense. On top, if he was able to do it, then so can I! I'm a pretty smart cookie if I do say so myself, and I'm definitely a grinder when I want to achieve something.

So with all that said, I'll continually post little updates, fire up discussion here, and maybe share some cool post mortems! I'll be starting completely from scratch once again, and will probably need a little derusting, but I'm confident I'll be able to catch up quickly!

I happen to have two post mortems saved from years ago if you'd like to read those too:

My first Angel of 100 completion, back in mid 2013:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

And my first Angel of 100 with Max Carnage completion, back in 2015:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

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