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Discussion / Re: Funny events?
« on: June 29, 2008, 08:01 »
in all Doom games, the rule was, SAME MONSTER : NO DAMAGE AND NO FIGHT!

Former humans, former human sergeants, former human chaingunners, and lost souls would each get mad at others of their own "species" but you are right that apart from them, monsters would not intentionally attack others of their own species. But in DoomRL, NO monsters intentionally attack other monsters, at all--a basic, essential mechanic of Doom, which you need in order to get very far in the game, which isn't present in DoomRL. This is probably a perfectly fine thing. If DoomRL had monster infighting then the game would be made much easier, as you could expose yourself to enemy fire for just long enough for a few enemies to hit each others, then go back behind cover and wait for them to finish each other off (just as you do when playing Doom and Doom 2); somehow Kornel would have to really ramp up the difficulty of DoomRL in other ways to compensate for this, if he were to add monster infighting to DoomRL, and that would change the game drastically.

Discussion / Re: Experience cap at level 19
« on: June 28, 2008, 18:37 »
On M difficulty you wouldn't even be close--completing Ao100 on M with 98% or 99% kills gets me only to 19/2% experience.

Someone with one of the cheat programs that searches for a string of values in RAM and then lets you edit the values at that address might take this on as an experiment--use the cheat program to freeze your health at maximum while playing a game of Ao100 on Nightmare, clear out every level completely and use every possible monster-summoning lever as many times as possible, and see if you make it to level 20 before finishing level 100.

Discussion / Re: Beating AoD
« on: June 25, 2008, 21:54 »
So in fact beating AoD is practically only possible if you specialise your character in melee combat, like an AoB run? OK...

Basically, yeah. With Brute and Berserker maxed out, a few levels of Ironman, a chainsaw, red armor, and 2-3 large medkits, AoD isn't too hard.

Discussion / Re: Weapon prefix
« on: June 18, 2008, 14:24 »
is it like a common shotgun with a weapon speed mod?

Yes. Try wielding it and pressing @, to check its firing speed; you can compare it to the firing speed of an ordinary shotgun that way.

I don't remember if you can mod a rapid weapon. I believe you can't mod it at all, like an artifact weapon, but if I misremember this, then you can mod it as a normal weapon (1 mod slot + 1 mod slot/level of Whizkid).

Discussion / Re: Vaults question
« on: June 14, 2008, 22:49 »
Use phase devices to get into the middle vault.

Discussion / Re: doomrl 09810 vs Doom
« on: June 10, 2008, 09:55 »
and you need to keep targets at your sight to damage them.

This isn't actually exactly true; check out the BFG FAQ.

Discussion / Re: doomrl 09810 vs Doom
« on: June 10, 2008, 08:30 »
About game balance, I think DoomRL is one of the most balanced roguelikes there is, which means you can play a lot of games of it, because it's very fun to play as a chaingun-based character, a shotgun-based character, an AoMr character, and an AoB character, and each of them plays in a completely different way. The Stone Soup branch of Crawl is the only roguelike I know of which is even more impressively balanced and replayable in this way than DoomRL.

Bug Reports / Re: Game bug with empty inventory
« on: June 08, 2008, 11:56 »
Just carry some pistols when playing AoB. They're useful anyway, as you can use them as bait to lure former human and sergeants near ambush points, and they'll also keep you from running into this bug.

Requests For Features / Re: New cheating suggestion
« on: June 07, 2008, 16:35 »
Oh, I see. I was missing the point. This is an interesting idea, then.

Requests For Features / Re: New cheating suggestion
« on: June 07, 2008, 16:15 »
The tendency so far is that you have to go up in rank in order to unlock challenges and Nightmare mode, so basically you have to go up in rank to make the game HARDER in interesting ways; adding cheats would of course make the game EASIER. But I think it would be important to make the game easier in interesting ways, too. If you look at the mortems posted in the forum for mortems, some challenges are more popular than others; there are more mortems for Ao100 than for Angel of Darkness, for instance, even though Ao100 is harder than Angel of Darkness, and I think this is because Ao100 is more fun than Angel of Darkness. What I'm saying is that cheats would need to make the game easier in fun and interesting ways, and not all of the suggestions on your list of cheat modes look to me like they would change the way the game plays in an interesting way (the suggestion for AoD would completely nullify the effect of the AoD challenge, for instance; and Ao100 already has no Cyberdemon or JC). Something like changing each monster in the game to some number of former humans based on the strength of the original monster (maybe change an imp to two former humans, for instance, and a hell knight to seven former humans, or something) would make the game easier but in a way that changes the style of the game in a way that might be interesting, at least for a couple tries at it--you would find the rocket launcher unusually useful.

Anyway, you have to unlock Nightmare by gaining ranks; along the lines of the unlockable cheats suggestion, it might be amusing to have a skill level EASIER than the other available ones (instead of HARDER, as is the case with Nightmare) which is unlocked by getting a very high rank. Something insultingly easy might be a good joke, like having only one monster per level.

Discussion / Re: Hello/ AoM strategies
« on: June 06, 2008, 14:50 »
I think Beretta is pretty dual-friendly, because you don't need to swap weapons or switch firing modes during a fight--you should keep the Beretta in whatever firing mode you need it in (probably as high of a rate of fire as you can get it in while still maintaining a reasonable accuracy, which depends on how many levels of EE you have taken; or a lower rate of fire if you need to conserve ammo). Pressing R when you have a pistol as primary weapon and Beretta as secondary weapon still reloads both. Have you tried this? Maybe in an earlier version of the game, it did not work this way, but it works in

I think finding artifact pistols is much more common than 1 in 100 games, also--seems like I've found one in close to half of my AoMr games that got down at least as far as the Mortuary. The artifact pistols are some of the most common artifacts, as far as I can tell.

Anyway, I have beaten AoMr on H difficulty while dualgunning with artifact pistols, and I thought it worked great, so I guess we just disagree.

Discussion / Re: Hello/ AoM strategies
« on: June 06, 2008, 07:45 »
What do you mean about Beretta and Blaster not being "dual-friendly"? I have dualgunned with each of them before, and I think it works well. If you just mean that pressing R does not give you the same special reload (reload both pistols) as when you are dualgunning with a pistol in your primary weapon slot, swap weapons, so you DO have a pistol in your primary slot, and the Beretta or Blaster in your secondary slot--then pressing R will work as normal.

Beretta does have a special reload, in a sense--it switches between the weapon's firing modes, which is very useful thing to be able to do, sometimes. Since I usually keep it in the secondary weapon slot while dualgunning, this means I only switch Beretta firing modes between fights, which is fine.

Also: Chambz, about your ammo difficulties, you should pick up every single piece of 10mm ammo until you have at least 800 rounds (8 full inventory slots) of it--I don't usually stop until I have 1000 rounds. This means both grabbing all the clips from corpses, and also unloading every single pistol and chaingun (press U, in case you don't know about this command) off the floor. Also taking at least one level of EE early on will save you a lot of ammo, since less of your shots will be wasted; and obviously taking traits which boost your weapon accuracy (EE) and damage (SoG, SoB) will save you ammo because you will have to fire less shots than if you take traits which do other things (Ironman, Hellrunner, TaN, ...). Anyway, good luck with your ammo problems--playing on AoMr does sometimes introduce some ammo problems, especially if you use Beretta, but it's typically worse if you play a chaingun-based character, since after two levels of Triggerhappy you go through ammo at a fantastic rate. You have to learn to conserve ammo at times, and to dedicate a lot of inventory slots to stockpiling ammo, and there are a few tricks here and there--like, in certain situations, letting an Archvile live for longer than you otherwise would, repeatedly killing a former captain and letting the Archvile resurrect it, because after you kill the Archvile there will be massive amounts of 10mm ammo laying around.

I have definitely had it down to .34, and maybe .32 (I don't remember well enough), seconds/dualshot, but that was definitely with Blaster.

Assuming no mods and no other relevant traits, taking a level of Triggerhappy boosts your volume of fire by 20% with a chaingun, 12.5% with a plasma gun. Taking a level of Finesse boosts your volume of fire (average number of rounds fired in any given length of time) by 11.11% for either chaingun or plasma gun, under the same conditions. Now Triggerhappy is one of the most desired traits for a chaingun-based character, and you have to take 2 levels of SoB to even be able to take levels of Triggerhappy, so it's asking a lot to ask that Finesse, which you can get at the very beginning of the game AND which unlocks two (more than any other single trait in the game) other traits, be as powerful as Triggerhappy. All the same, you can see that it's not out of the ballpark of Triggerhappy, in usefulness. Two levels of Finesse, which you need to get the (sometimes extremely important) trait Whizkid, increases your average volume of fire by 20% with weapons like chaingun and plasma rifle; as much as a level of Triggerhappy in the case of chaingun, and better than a level of Triggerhappy in the case of the plasma gun.

The most important situation for Finesse is certainly Angel of Marksmanship, not only for the sake of getting Whizkid to pump up your advanced pistol full of mods, but for its own sake. I don't want to crunch the numbers right now to give exact firing times, especially when someone like Kornel probably could work out those figures more easily than I could, but in Angel of Marksmanship, taking 3 levels of Son of a Gun and putting 2-3 speed mods on your advanced pistol will get you roughly 2 dualshots/second, while taking 2 levels of Finesse in addition will get it down to just under 3 dualshots/second--a very noticeable improvement. This is from memory, though, and maybe someone else can check to see exactly what the numbers are.

I DO agree with you that Finesse might be slightly underpowered, but not by much--dropping firing time by 15% instead of 10% might be a good idea but any more than that and I think Finesse would suddenly come alongside Eagle Eye as a "must-have" trait.

Discussion / Re: Hello/ AoM strategies
« on: May 28, 2008, 16:10 »
By AoM you mean Angel of Marksmanship, right? Sometimes people write AoM for Angel of Masochism.

On Angel of Marksmanship I go SoG, SoG, Dualgunner, EE, SoG, EE--sometimes taking the EE earlier, depending on the game. After that I go with some levels of SoB if I have found a good artifact pistol like the Beretta and not many mods, or two levels of Finesse and then Whizkid if I have found enough good (damage is best, speed comes next) mods that my advanced pistol is getting nearly full of mods. Once you get SoG*3, Dualgunner, and EE*2, you're set up to be deadly enough that you won't need TaN or Ironman traits, since you're probably going to be at least as deadly as a chaingun-based character until the end of the game.

For purposes of learning to play DoomRL well, it helped me a lot to play some games where I got Intuition*3, though, and learned to kill things without seeing them. For Angel of Marksmanship you could try SoG, SoG, Dualgunner, EE, SoG, EE, and then three levels of Intuition--you would get to play the last few levels of the game with Int*3 in this way. Or you could play a non-challenge game, get the chaingun ASAP, and play EE, EE, and then immediately three levels of Intuition. You will need to pick up all the ammo you can find (this kind of "blind-fighting" uses a lot of ammo), but learning to fight monsters that are outside your field of vision is very valuable. After that, you will learn to do it without the third level of Intuition, by listening (with stereo headphones) to what direction monsters are coming from, and then firing into spaces they might be in that you can't see--you will hear their "pain" noise when you hit. With some practice this becomes a very valuable technique and you won't need to invest three levels of traits into Intuition to do it.

Blade often takes a level of Cateye in his posted games. I haven't found this so useful but Blade is a much better player than I am, maybe he can explain how it's useful.

Anyway, Angel of Marksmanship is much easier once you have some practice at killing monsters before you see them.

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