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Bug Reports / Re: [ Ubuntu/Linux Mint] Sound oddities.
« on: November 19, 2012, 00:24 »
High quality. I've seen scripts to convert the music to ogg, do you by any chance have one for just the sound effects?
No idea how well this works, I've been away for a bit and only tested this as far as the main menu, but it didn't seem to break anything. Hopefully it does, I'm not having the same problem so I don't know if it'll fix anything. Pretty much just quickly ripped off an earlier script I wrote.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Century Lounge / Re: [S|Ao100|56%|YAVP] DragonSlayer Special
« on: April 26, 2012, 20:46 »
Insert any overpowered exotic/unique/assembly for DS if you want...
I see what you are saying, but there is a difference to me. The OP exotics/uniques/assemblies are part of the game where as DS is a joke easter egg. I actually like that certain OP gear can spawn since it forces you to reconsider things. Most games I play I have a target build in mind, but finding a random item can cause me to drastically change my plans, therefore creating new tactical decisions. It's just that I don't feel that way about joke items.

As for DS and BA, they're so rare that a lot of players haven't even encountered them, let alone become frustrated by them, so I disagree that they "take away much more than they give."
Unfortunately I don't think there is a way of quantifying how much it gives or takes, which makes this a matter of opinions. If it turns out I hold the minority opinion, I'll quit complaining and just accept it. Even if no one agrees with me I'll just be glad people thought about it.

Century Lounge / Re: [S|Ao100|56%|YAVP] DragonSlayer Special
« on: April 26, 2012, 18:01 »
Anything related to DS is an easter egg. Considering it a part of *any* strategy is not getting the point at all. DS is such a game-breaker, that considered as anything else than a joke easter egg would be ridiculous. Everything else is on the Wiki. Hence, all strategic information is known.
I apologize if my earlier post came off as an attack or abrasive, I wasn't trying to offend, I just have no tact. I wasn't trying to imply that hoping for DS to spawn was a strategy, just that in roguelikes a general strategy is to try to get the most use/advantage from every item you find. To a certain subset of players (myself included) there are only so many times you can see DS on the floor or wander around with the BA taking inventory space before it's just frustrating not knowing what to do with either of them (I know now, but I didn't always). They may be easter eggs, but when you are sitting there staring at them they just feel like part of the game. I'm not trying to undermine all the hard work you have put into DoomRL, but on the other side of the coin not all feedback will be positive. I'll agree that with the wiki 99% of the strategic information is known, but once you see DS or BA, a strategic grey area magically appears. Carrying around BA without knowing how to use it isn't a tactical decision, it's sacrificing an inventory slot for optimism. Honestly I felt the same way about the Arena Master's Staff until the wiki got updated.

Again I really do appreciate all the time and effort you (and others) have put into creating DoomRL, I just think the over-powered joke easter egg takes away so much more than it gives. Not to mention DS can trivialize certain challenges that other players have taken a lot of pride getting "legtimately".

Century Lounge / Re: [S|Ao100|56%|YAVP] DragonSlayer Special
« on: April 26, 2012, 15:28 »
According to some of the top-elite players around here, there is a way to guarantee a DS spawn, but it's extremely difficult.
Wonderful, because what this game needs is more hidden secrets that the players aren't allowed to know. Tactics is about knowing all the moves you can make and choosing the best one, not blindly fumbling around until something good happens. I can't even count the amount of times I hauled the Arena Master's Staff around without using it, because the game won't tell you what it is for. Eventually I just got sick of it and waited for someone to update the wiki. The first time I (and many others) used the Lava Element the end result was a nuked marine, because the game refused to explain the item. This makes it really hard to try to convince my roguelike playing friends to try DoomRL. The argument I usually hear is "I only have X hours for video games, I want to play a game where all the information is known. so I'll just stick with Crawl".

Sorry about the tangent/rant, I've just kept this bottled up too long. I just wish the game/community didn't actively hide information from the players. For the record I have used the Berserker's Armor before and I've fought Apostles, so this rant isn't because I don't know the secrets, it's the fact that the secrets really take away from the tactical nature of the game. Hidden secrets may be fun for some, but are a massive turn off for others.

Off Topic / Re: Bad day all around....
« on: April 12, 2012, 15:39 »
ATM I've got no education, no money, no girlfriend, no job and no food, so I think you're all losing in this competition :-P
I was with you until the no food part, charity finally stepped in once I hit 115lbs (at 5'10" that is really bad).

I've been struggling with depression and anxiety and generally feeling burned out.
You aren't alone. That sentence pretty much describes the last 15 years for me. There have been moments that weren't so cloudy, but mainly suffering and anguish. I've been told that it will get better, so I guess there is that.

Well until this get fixed I made a Chrome extension (more like a hack) that fixes the problem. Specifically it changes the onclick code of the spoiler tags to check for code blocks inside and remove the height value, then show or hide the div.

Discussion / Re: Cheats...
« on: March 11, 2012, 14:38 »
Speaking of cheating in Doom, does anyone else have IDSPISPOPD (the wall clipping cheat) forever burnt into their memory? I haven't played actual Doom in years yet that code is always at the tip of my tongue.

Currently if you place a mortem or code tag inside a spoiler tag the mortem/code tag gets set to a height of 20px in all webkit browsers (mainly Chrome and Safari). I've tracked the problem down this file: The offending function is presented below:
Code: [Select]
// The purpose of this code is to fix the height of overflow: auto blocks, because some browsers can't figure it out for themselves.
function smf_codeBoxFix()
var codeFix = document.getElementsByTagName('code');
for (var i = codeFix.length - 1; i >= 0; i--)
if (is_webkit && codeFix[i].offsetHeight < 20)
codeFix[i].style.height = (codeFix[i].offsetHeight + 20) + 'px';

else if (is_ff && (codeFix[i].scrollWidth > codeFix[i].clientWidth || codeFix[i].clientWidth == 0))
codeFix[i].style.overflow = 'scroll';

else if ('currentStyle' in codeFix[i] && codeFix[i].currentStyle.overflow == 'auto' && (codeFix[i].currentStyle.height == '' || codeFix[i].currentStyle.height == 'auto') && (codeFix[i].scrollWidth > codeFix[i].clientWidth || codeFix[i].clientWidth == 0) && (codeFix[i].offsetHeight != 0))
codeFix[i].style.height = (codeFix[i].offsetHeight + 24) + 'px';

Now I'm not quite sure what problem the first if statement is trying to fix, but it is causing the problem that I'm referring to. It looks like the if statement is trying to ensure that the code block is at least 20px high, but I can't figure out a situation where that is needed. It would seem that removing the if statement would probably be the logical answer, but if it really is there for a reason then maybe it should be changed to something like this:
Code: [Select]
if (is_webkit && codeFix[i].offsetHeight < 20 && codeFix[i] != "none")
This change fixes the problem I'm talking about, but without knowing the purpose of the if statement I can't tell if it breaks anything. Webkit browsers seem to be pretty compliant, so I kinda doubt that this if statement is needed.

Requests For Features / Re: Some mostly cosmetic suggestions.
« on: March 06, 2012, 03:46 »
I like this, but let's not add a whole other button for it. The best chance of making this work would be to simply take the 'u'se button and allow it to work with all items: if it's consumable, then you consume it from the floor; similar stuff for equippables (replace with current equipped item) and mods (mod immediately). Items that merely sit in your inventory (ammo, etc) would still have to go through some tedium, but I can certainly see the former case being more of an issue during a battle and is therefore somewhat important to implement.
If the behavior of 'u'se is going to change without adding another command, it would be nice to have a config file option that could set 'u'se to floor only. Long ago when I was still pressing 'u' to use medpacks, I got screwed one time because I forgot I was standing on a lever. From that moment on I never press 'u' unless I want to interact with the floor.

Bug Reports / Re: [] Sniper weapon pack bugged?
« on: March 03, 2012, 06:23 »
It did.
Hmm, well I'm still calling the +2 a bug, despite the explanation of why it isn't very effective. Don't feel bad not finding many, Ao100 with scavenger does help a lot. Too bad they are pretty much worthless if you already have EEx2 (needed for scavenger). I think scavenger needs a boost given that the sniper and nano packs got nerfed (maybe onyx too, who knows?). Firestorm already sucked to begin with, which makes me think scavenger is luck of the draw at best during a non-Ao100 game. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a unique that is a (ranged) weapon, then get lucky again taking it apart and actually getting something you want or you could have just wasted a trait and possibly a unique.

Bug Reports / Re: [] Storm Bolter Pistol Ammo Bug
« on: March 03, 2012, 06:04 »
Additionally, the 10mm ammo held in inventory becomes x65296!
Actually the stack is negative until you drop it. I gave the bug a whirl and noticed I couldn't reload my normal pistol with just the large stack of ammo. Although if you drop the stack it become positive, or maybe it's when you try to pick it back up. Needless to say, it doesn't seem like you get the full 65,000, but you do get a full inventory of bullets. With limited testing it seems as long as you don't go under 10 bullets in the bugged gun, reloading causes this problem. Once you drop the weapon to under 10 bullets (normal clip size) then the bug seems to go away. I'll probably mess with it a little more just to see how far it can be pushed.... After a bit more pushing it appears the stack only goes 65k negative if you reload from a stack that doesn't have enough bullets. Obviously this happens the first time because whichever stack of bullets it chooses to reload from is not going to have 255 bullets. Granted this is a bug, but I think it might just be the most powerful weapon in the game.

Bug Reports / [] Sniper weapon pack bugged?
« on: March 03, 2012, 04:00 »
I'm in the middle of an Ao100 game and I've noticed the sniper weapon pack doesn't hit 100% of the time. I finally took a look at my equipment screen and here is what I saw:
Code: [Select]
------------------------- Equipment and Character Info -------------------------
  [a] Malek's Armor [3/3] (100%)                     | Fire time   : 1.0s       
> [b] nanomachic plasma rifle (1d7)x6 (S1)           | Reload time : 2.0s       
  [c] tactical boots [0/0] (100%) (A)                | Accuracy    : +2         
  [d] demolition combat pistol (5d2) [15/15] (S1)    | Shots       : 6         
                                                     | Alt. fire   : chain fire
  A plasma rifle shoots multiple rounds of plasma    | Alt. reload : overcharge
  energy -- frying some demon butt!                  |                         
 Basic traits         Advanced traits       Resistances                         
 Ironman          (2) Intuition        (2)  Bullet +0%   Torso +0%   Feet +0%   
 Hellrunner       (3) Whizkid          (2)  Melee  +0%   Torso +0%   Feet +0%   
 Son of a bitch   (2) Scavenger        (1)  Shrap  +0%   Torso +0%   Feet +0%   
 Son of a gun     (5)                       Acid   +0%   Torso +30%  Feet +0%   
 Eagle Eye        (2)                       Fire   +0%   Torso +30%  Feet +0%   
                                            Plasma +0%   Torso +30%  Feet +0%   
--[ up/down/letter (pick), Enter (wear/wield), Backspace (drop), TAB (swap) ]--

It lists the plasma rifle as having a +2 accuracy despite the sniper weapon pack. I've also noticed that firing at something outside your line of sight can miss. This has been observed by lack of pain noises and watching the second mob in a line die while the first is still standing. Did the sniper weapon pack get nerfed or is something going wrong? So far I've gone through three weapons with a sniper pack and none of them hit 100% of the time. Honestly I think the only reason some shots land is because of EEx2.

I didn't know that there was another script for this...
Well in your defense, it's not like I made it easy to find. I just tacked it on a bug report instead of telling people it was there.

A version which would download Simon-v's native ogg versions instead of converting them from mp3's would be way cooler :>
Done and as an added bonus, I actually tested it first.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Does it matter that Oggs work with (both x64 and i386)? I'd rather not re-install a bunch of libraries that appear to work fine. I was unable to get mp3s working in though. Also which version of FMOD were you using for development? I can't seem to get either x64/i386 to work with it. Music isn't that important to me, I'm just curious if I can get it working.

Sigh, I really need more coffee when I try to do things. Turns out the script wasn't converting the mp3s correctly. Once I fixed the script to actually convert the mp3s to oggs, the oggs worked. The mp3s still don't, but that doesn't matter to me.

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