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Discussion / Re: Let's take on the Mortuary!
« on: March 18, 2012, 04:08 »
Just saw this and had to ask - what is the "walking fire trick"?

It happens when you're using chain-fire. Whether you're still warming up, or in full-out chainfire, each round you get an option to switch targets. If you switch between an imp on your right and a former human below you, your fire will actually sweep across all the tiles in-between as you realign your gun. Try switching from one former human to another on the other side of the next pack you find in early-game and you'll see what I mean.

It also works if you've killed the last enemy you were targeting - when you pick a new target the fire will "sweep" in a similar fashion. I don't know exactly how it works; if it's a set number of shots spent per tile of re-aim (which would mean the next enemy would take far less damage if you adjusted a chain-fire from one side of the map over to him,) or if its a set number of projectiles that are then distributed evenly across the "swept" space (which would mean a limited adjustment would put a much higher density of lead on the few targets in that area, and a bigger adjustment would be perfect for wiping out mobs of imps or formers.)

My current Ao100 game has a Minigun, so I'll experiment. For SCIENCE!

Discussion / Re: Let's take on the Mortuary!
« on: March 13, 2012, 06:07 »
The Mortuary is my favorite level for sheer DOOM-style mad nonstop carnage. When I realized that changing targets during chainfire let you "hose around" with the bullet stream, the Mortuary became the most insane, psychotic fun you could imagine. With a bulk-modded Minigun it is joy incarnate. Full-out chainfire, hosing it around to wipe out six or seven formers/imps/etc a turn... striding knee-deep through the dead until you spot a Vile, and pumping him so full of lead in less then two seconds that his body goes CLANG when it falls?

Yeah. Oh, hell yeah. Felt like the Terminator.

The Mortuary is very hard, yes, but it's like any other Arch-Vile fight, only more so: to wit, clear out anything that's not a Vile by any means necessary, then feed the Vile a steady diet of Rockets. The trick is clearing a path to the Vile, which means you can't play whack-a-mole with their minions, which means you must deliver massive carnage to a wide area, immediately. BFG-9000 seems like the obvious choice there, but as observed, rapidfire builds with a decent 10mm weapon can saw through them wonderfully; if you know the "walking fire" trick. Double Shotgun or even Focused Double Shotgun can deliver similar rape, especially with Army of Darkness.

In short, you need a time-efficient snowplow. By the time enough monsters have been rezzed to worry you much, you've already sallied forth, found the Vile, and blew it to hell. Rinse and repeat as necessary. If you're a bad enough dude to use the vanilla rocket launcher, the blast radius of 4 makes it decent for that job, in addition to corpse gibbing - and you've already got it in hand when you spot the Vile.

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: March 04, 2012, 17:29 »
I'm getting back to a Version 9.9.3 Ao100 game I haven't touched in a while, and I find myself with a conundrum. I'm using a rapid-fire build with the minigun for efficiency and a plasma rifle for tougher enemies. Given that it's Ao100, Whizkid was an immediate pick; but now I don't know if I should assemble the hyperblaster, or if I'd be better off with a vanilla plasma rifle with as many power + bulk mods as I can cram onto it, or something similar. I should note I've taken Eagle Eye/Intuition, not Ammochain, so accuracy isn't an issue for me.

EDIT: I've run the maths a few times, and it's when Tech mods and Finesse come into play that I start getting confused. Even with, say, two power mods on the Plasma Rifle, the Hyperblaster has an edge in damage-per-second, because it's firing time is exactly half that of the Plasma Rifle (0.5) But with two levels of Finesse and two tech mods...? I'm also worried about diminishing returns, since, if I recall correctly, a weapon can only be lowered to 0.2 firing time, no matter what mods are applied.

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