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Discussion / Re: Finally, I have all the badges.
« on: March 29, 2012, 16:31 »
Make a new badge named after him!

Discussion / Re: Bad habits
« on: March 29, 2012, 16:30 »
... or the way 2DeviationsOut does it: enter CC with just an unmodded pistol, then stare at the screen which causes all the enemies present to spontaneously explode.

I loled too.

@Hammer and Noir: custom soundbinds

Pretty useful information, will get on that stat. What do I put in sound.lua to do that? Specifically, what's the entity code for AM?

I loled at the name. Congrats on more dakka!

Century Lounge / Re: [N!|Ao100|88%|YaVp] ALL the badges.
« on: March 29, 2012, 16:25 »
Congratulations! Now for Kornel to immortalise you as a badge...

Deviant Diamond - complete the game on N!, fists only, without taking any damage, and you must play with your hands on the floor and feet in the air. While wearing sunglasses and a long black trench coat. Indoors.

20 / Re: [E|11%|YAVP] .996 Speedrun (3m45s)
« on: March 29, 2012, 03:45 »
I would love too!
Someone link me to the software to install on my Win7 laptop and a place to post a vid...or maybe I'll just send it Game Hunter to share on his YouTube channel.

Yes please! I love watching other people play. It always gives me all sorts of good ideas.

Discussion / Re: Pimp my Rocket: Rocket Launcher Builds
« on: March 27, 2012, 22:18 »
Subtlety and strategy have their places, and they're with tactical assault troopers shooting shotguns from behind corners, not crazed berserkers swinging a chainsaw from one hand and shooting explosions with the other.

Can I sig that? That is awesome!

Discussion / Re: Pimp my Rocket: Rocket Launcher Builds
« on: March 27, 2012, 19:57 »
Actually, I rarely take Shottyman now because I'd rather hide behind a corner and play the cornershoot game with 2 levels of reloader. The only time I really feel any need for SM is when facing Cyberdemon, and if my reload speeds are ok there's no real need for it too. If SM reloaded rockets too I'd be pretty happy to take it.

And yes, it would be pretty hard to justify item immunity to mancubus shots, so nix that. But it would be wicked to have items be immune to your own shots. I would go pretty hog wild with rockets if that were the case.

Discussion / Re: Pimp my Rocket: Rocket Launcher Builds
« on: March 27, 2012, 17:31 »
How about we try to lobby for making Fireangel overpowered? Shifting it to take the place of Scavenger, and making Doomguy immune to explosions, and also making items on the floor immune to explosions? That would make RL very palatable.

Oh small mistake, should be 5-6 bullets "only".
Apparently, in AvP1 it was always 50-60 bullets fired per second, I always had problems counting them :) .
The least I could fire were around 25 usually :] .

So should be:
Minigun (1d10)x6 [600/600] (fire time 0.1s)

Enough to run out of ammo in 10 secs ...
And fire time should not be possible to be reduced :P .

Talk about lead poisoning... spare a thought for the environment!

Edit: One NATO 7.62mm bullet weighs about 25g. So at 6 bullets per shot, that works out to be 150g per trigger pull. In 1 second you shoot 1.5kg of rounds, and in 10 seconds you shoot 15kg of rounds. That is a lot of metal to be shooting into the environment. Spare a thought for the wildlife!

Hehe, this belongs more in the horrible ideas thread, but let's take things to the extreme: Angel of Ultimate Carnage, where everything dies in one hit (shotgun scouting to the extreme!).  Also, Angel of Fragility, where Doomguy dies in one hit.

Rage-quit a la extreme! Though I believe plenty of the N! regulars can handle such a challenge...

I am not sure why you would ever do this when it is completely possible to make a firestorm-modded demolition minigun.


Quest: [ b ] burst minigun (1d10)x12 [400/400] (F1)
          [ d ] burst minigun (1d10)x12 [400/400] (F1)

Somebody likes his guns big and nasty!

Maybe to compensate, the monsters do double damage too? That would be quite a hoot. It'll be a little like AoMC, but with twice the crowd.

Discussion / Re: Pimp my Rocket: Rocket Launcher Builds
« on: March 27, 2012, 04:22 »
First of all, thanks Creepy! I like this topic a lot and am eagerly awaiting lots of interesting responses on it.

I think you've captured the essence of using rockets very well and that they are usually a complement to a shotgun build, not the main focus. As I see it, the reasons why I don't use rockets so much are:

1) ammo - shells vs rockets, I'd rather have more shells. A stack of shells can kill more enemies than a stack of rockets generally.

2) collateral damage to useful items - this is horrible, and feels like the main reason why more players don't use the RL. Though I suspect that you don't really have to pickup every single item in the late game, which makes the damage easier to stomach.

I completed a recent game of HMP AoLT using mainly an elephant gun, with a modded RL as backup. I think modding the RL with an A mod is the way to go, simply to give it a boost of accuracy. I found using the vanilla RL to be great for knocking back crowds of tougher derps when I couldn't get to a cornershooting position in time. It was a scout build going like this: int->int->rel->rel->SM->hr->-hr->DM etc etc.

Anyway I'm waiting for the reintroduction of MFA to really do a RL-based build. I am looking forward to firing rockets point blank, left and right. It will feel like playing quake free for all again lol.

It turns 10mm ammo into explosive 1-radius ammo. So your demo pistol will make a little boom each shot.

It's true. Just allowing F to be used on shottys and pistols would be nice. Doesn't have to be ultra fancy, even something like a power mod effect would be nice.

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