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Yeah, as I suspected. About a minute and a half of the hydra trying and failing to do act, and then pages and pages of stack overflow warnings. Woo! Sorry about that. Now I need to set up a FreePascal coding environment again...

Eh, sure I'd take a look. I know a couple of the spells probably aren't working as intended, and there's some missing affixes and suffixes. Rogues weren't quite that overpowered in Diablo, because it wasn't turned based. But yeah, if you could find a door and had knockback you were set for the level pretty much.

Either email the file or set up a file dump and email that to tavana at

I think there's actually still a trac somewhere around for bugs... I'm working on assignments right now, but will get back to you soon.

Forum user 'you' and I are still technically in active development, except that I haven't don't anything for ages, and she hasn't either. I'll have to check what version exists on Sourceforge, since that's where the most up to date code should be.

EDIT: Yeah, I checked up on things and can't find the trac. It's not with the rest of the Chaosforge tracs, so I'll have to bug Kornel or you. I also had forgotten how much extra work Kornel had put into this to get from 0.4.5 to 0.5.0. Sourceforge still has 0.4.5 as the latest build. Might have to get a coding environment going again and work on this again over the holidays.

Oh man. How crappy would it have been if you waited to see the Apostle's colour and then failed your YAAM because of it? I almost don't want to tell you how well you've done, because that might add fuel to the fire of insanity that you obviously have.

Well done.

EDIT: Decided to check out how long it takes to Whirlwind. Looks like it's exactly as the Wiki says...and not. It looks like it takes
Code: [Select]
math.max( ( self.usetime * being.firetime * 8 - 5000 ), 8 * being.speed )which equates to either 8 times your normal swing time minus 5 seconds, OR 8 times your normal speed, whichever is higher.

Final addendum, here's a wonderful note Kornel left in the code in regards to the Dragonslayer:
Code: [Select]
-- XXX Maybe we should allow Barons of Hell to wield it since they are not really human...

Modding / Re: Help w/ level generation crashes
« on: October 17, 2017, 22:19 »
Glad that helped! :)

Discussion / Re: The Journey to 100%
« on: October 17, 2017, 22:12 »
Oh, one more thing I found while Code Diving (TM): It appears that there's a medal missing from the wiki, so if you're looking for 100% completion you'll have a hard time getting it. It's incredibly hard to get unintentionally, so I'll just tell you the name of it and put the conditions to earn it in a spoiler. If you read the name it should be fairly obvious how to get it, though. Happy hunting!

Medal: Gutts' Sorrow
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Discussion / Re: The Journey to 100%
« on: October 17, 2017, 04:55 »
More on Berserking - I was incorrect.

Firstly, the flag isn't FBerserkLimit, its FBersekerLimit. Kornel has some lovely artifacts from either typos or previous iterations. I love you Kornel! :D Secondly, it looks like FBersekerLimit is actually used to test if you should go berserk with incoming damage, not how long you're going berserk. I'm still not that good with FreePascal, but I think what we're looking for is simply called "duration" in dfaffect.pas, in the call TAffects.Add(). That's a DWord, which is the same as a LongWord, and it's basically an unsigned version of LongInt. So, technically (and theoretically) you could add 4,294,967,295 to your berserk timer at a time. However, I don't see anything defined for what the maximum duration actually CAN be. I'm not really inclined to do more code diving at this point, either.

Modding / Re: Help w/ level generation crashes
« on: October 17, 2017, 04:00 »
Try this:

Code: [Select]
function hospital.OnGenerate()
generator.reset() generators.gen_tiled )

Discussion / Re: The Journey to 100%
« on: October 16, 2017, 06:24 »
I'd be curious to know what the cap on berserk time is too; maybe someone who is more adept at reading the source code can tell us.  :)

Picking up the Dragonslayer adds 10,000,000 to the Berserk timer. It's technically possible to run out of Berserk after picking it up. As to the maximum that stat could be, BerserkLimit is a LongInt, so that means you could have up to 2,147,483,647 on your Berserk timer before the game would be upset with you.

Post Mortem / Re: [M|AoMC|89%|YAVP] Modest Progress
« on: October 08, 2017, 19:35 »
Nice warm-up! Now put your catheter in.

AliensRL / Re: [0.8.2|Tc|YAVP] First win as technician! (+Video)
« on: October 08, 2017, 19:10 »
Oh, yeah. Forgot that the page no longer exists with the downloads for it. Looks like Kornel is awesome and opened the source, so head over to sourceforge and grab a copy to play.

If you've any doubt of what to download, there's some shiny "looking for the latest version?" text near the top.

AliensRL / Re: [0.8.2|Tc|YAVP] First win as technician! (+Video)
« on: October 08, 2017, 01:37 »
The two other works by Kornel, DiabloRL and BerserkRL have very different playstyles. If you liked Diablo, the RL version is made to be as close to original as possible. I think it's completed up until the caves (charging demons are hard to implement in a RL), except for a few magical effects. BerserkRL is more fast paced "I'm about to die, but I'm doing so much damage!" style. If you enjoy playing melee DRL then give it a try.

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: August 13, 2017, 16:42 »
Glad to hear you've gotten closer! I would check the compiled release of d**mrl. I think the DLL you're looking for is there.

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: August 11, 2017, 16:59 »
What an excellent question, arseface. I'm not aware of any compiled versions of d**mrl that have Godmode left on, I seem to recall it was dependent on being run from within the compiler's software.

What will help the most to get you properly compiling is to know what software you're trying to use. My main mistakes the first time I tried to compile were that I didn't have the necessary dependencies to make it work - mostly .dll files which aren't too hard to find.

That is a particularly interesting way to die. You should be proud!

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