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Pre-0.9.9 / Re: [H|98%|YAVP] First win on hard for me - pistols!
« on: February 12, 2009, 07:20 »
But I was destroying the walls! Although, it seemed a little random (it doesn't destroy the whole 3x3 area, just some parts), but the AFJ did destroy the walls!

Pre-0.9.9 / Re: [H|98%|YAVP] First win on hard for me - pistols!
« on: February 12, 2009, 03:48 »
Just my few cents. You say Cybie has armour 4?

Well then, take 3 SoG, 1SoB and he has no armour at all [:
And get some damage mods...

When I am fighting arachnotrons, I usually have SoG 3 and EE 3 (and Dualgunner). When I am lucky, I have some SoB and damage mods applied. What happens?

Arachnotros get pushed back. Usually, they are fast and manage to get back to my LoS, but then again, they get another portion of lead. If I empty my magazines, I take cover and reload.

This is how I play AoMr:
SoBx3 (I do not know if this is the highest number)
Ironman (I do not take TaN, because of the arachnotron procedure I mentioned above)
Usually I max out Ironman and then Finesse. Usually when I get to this point, my character is very powerfull. And apply as many damage mods as you can!

Anyway, I wish for a game where I get my hands of Anti-freak Jackal before entering the Wall. Yummy!
But then again, I noticed, Anti-freak Jackal is not so cool, because you might accidentally destroy valuable items. And we really need ammo on AoMr!

Bug Reports / Re: Angelic Armor - funny bug
« on: February 09, 2009, 04:01 »
Blade: I thought that that might be the problem, because when i have the 32(System)/32(Computer)-bit combination the game never crashes on me. But it happened twice in a row on 32/64-bit configuration. Guess I will try to do that again and see what happens. You know, it's kind of frustrating when you wipeout all the arch-villes, get the Angelic Armor as a reward, pick it up and then, WTF?

Off-Topic: You are using Windows 7? A brave one. Just when I got my notebook I quickly downgraded to WinXP.

Bug Reports / Re: Angelic Armor - funny bug
« on: February 08, 2009, 13:36 » I resigned entering the mortuary this time (it would be a second time in one game ;)

Bug Reports / Angelic Armor - funny bug
« on: February 08, 2009, 13:16 »
First off, like Olejniczak said, Welocome everybody!

Second, let's get to the point.

Actually this bug is actually because of my fault (that's what at least I think).

Anyway, when I get to the mortuary, defeat everyone, pickup the Angelic Armor, the game crashes. I don't remember wheter it happens when I pick it up, or check my inventory.

The funny thing is, that the game works fine on my WinXP 32-bit on 32-bit computer.

But the game on WinXP 32-bit BUT 64-bit computer.

I don't know wheter this should be considered a bug, but if you have a same configuration as me (yeah, I only had original 32-bit version), don't pick up the Angelic Armor or your progress will be lost. Take care.

A funny thing just happened. I just started DoomRL and I was able to "Continue Game". And I can see the Angelic Armor. I just put it on. Strange (I remember saving the game somewhere around level 11 of Phobos Base, now I am on level 7 of Phobos HELL). And I see the special exit to Mortuary :D

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