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DiabloRL / Fantastic game
« on: November 02, 2012, 03:12 »
This post is just to tell you that this is fantastic.
I played DiabloRL and DoomRL(even achieved a victory here) - and please just progress with development.

Good job imho.

PS:most annoying thing in D1 was slow walk speed, for example from church to Adria, and back - but this game solves this problem. Just keep key pressed - and my character is sprinting.
Great - you have implemented running - thing which was really missed by me in D1 :)

PPS:if this is not a thread for this kind of 'support word', please remove this, or move to some other thread.

PPPS:I suggest to change captcha - this version is little annoying.

PPPPS: @Kornel, pozdrowienia z polski od immiennika ;-)

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