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Seven Waves - an Exalted PbP [IC]

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'Well, the story... I was younger then, somewhat. Still old by your standards, but a bit less than today. And there was a village I was leading in that tumultuous time. Small one. Less than two hundred souls. Life was not really hard, though, the seas were calm and bountiful more often than not, so we flourished. No ill befall us in the first twenty years of my leadership...

...and then, all of sudden, the Heavens rained their wrath on us. Raiders, pirates more cruel than one could even believe. We knew that they were coming, and we knew we could not do a thing to stop them.

But fortune smiled to us. A boy I've sent to Coral brought back with him two lone protectors. True Chosen! Imagine our joy when the boat docked. We greeted them as richly as we could, we rejoiced... I've met them at the shore, welcomed them, saying "Heavens bless..'

'...bless you' the old man said, bowing almost to the ground, his beard coiled at his feet. He greeted you alone, before you even could leave the boat.

Journey to that island was long if uneventful, rather boring for people like you. And the place did not really looked that much better. In the distance, the town proper stood, typical western architecture. It looked well-maintained, but that was all that seemed remarkable about it. You could not see other fishing boats, they were likely still at the sea- even though the raiders were near.

The sky above and the ocean behind you seemed peaceful, however, as if oblivious to the slaughter that was surely going to happen on those sands soon. Maybe even sooner than you would want.

'I can't even find words strong enough to express my gratitude for aiding us' the elder continued. There was something odd about him, you could tell. Odd and wrong, as if he did not belong to Creation.

Malek Deneith:
- "No need to thank us yet, before we done anything..." - Blind Dawn waved his hand - "It would be more helpful if you could tell us something more about problems your village is facing - I'm afraid the boy you've sent wasn't too clear on the details."

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Not much of an entry post I'm afraid, but always something to move things along. One question - is the elder (and thus by extension people from the village) supposed to know we're exalted, or right now we're just a pair of guys nice enough to lend help? :P

Xander Morhaime:
"<They are displaying worrying amounts of joy for seeing two strangers. Is this custom for this land?>" Light asked quietly, leaning over a bit to Blind Dawn and speaking in Old Realm - not her native language, but one she felt far more comfortable with than the bits and pieces of the local dialects she had picked up during her brief stay in Creation. Being in the public eye in this manner seemed to put her ill at ease.

Malek Deneith:
- "<It's more that they're happy about having two more bodies to stand between them and death I presume.>" - solar replied - "<Odd... I can't stop feeling something is wrong with our speaker...>"

'Ah yes, yes, yes... the man bowed again, leading you towards the village proper. 'See, two and a half week ago we were made aware that our island is going to be next target of a notorious bandit lord called Godo. How, I won't dwell, because mere memories of that woeful day still make me shudder. From what we know about him, he is going to strike at us ruthlessly, unless we pay him a ransom we simply are not able to afford... There is little more to it. We, bandits and you...'

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