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Requests For Features / DoomRL BETA 4
« on: May 02, 2024, 09:29 »
Beta 4 is up!

Apart from implementing more from the suggestion topic, the big big thing are huge changes in the internal action loop. These should still be equivalent to what was before unless I made a mistake, so be on the lookout for bugs!

I invite all to participate on the Discord channel, and also we will be more and more moving feature discussions and info into the GitHub issues tracker. Remember all work is being done on the development branch!

Feedback on the changes needed, be it here on the discord in #doomrl!

Raw changelog below, comments, reports and requests welcome!

DoomRL BETA 4 Windows LQ

If you're not on Windows, you can always compile the development branch from github - find me on discord if you need help with that!

Code: [Select] BETA 4
[new] -- BETA  : WARNING - speed/command system rewrites!
[new] -- GH#093: The Vaults alternative added - House of Pain
[mod] -- BETA  : House of Pain always generates instead of Vaults until balanced
[mod] -- GH#107: ammo rooms can now contain a variety of ammo, even on Ao100/666
[mod] -- GH#117: Technical mod packs on armors add resistances instead of knockback res
[mod] -- GH#112: Survivalist - Ironman 2, and double heals from smed and globes
[mod] -- GH#110: Scavenger - works on Melee, Boots and Armors (guaranteed mods added)
[mod] -- GH#088: Juggler now makes all weapon swaps free
[mod] -- GH#099: Conqueror and Explorer won't be awarded if no special levels were present
[mod] -- GH#109: changed the color of the sniper mod pack to dark green (G-version)
[mod] -- GH#116: buffs - bullet-proof vest, power armor
[mod] -- GH#111: stat screen includes running dodge bonus
[mod] -- GH#108: all elite formers deal 5 + 1d3 melee damage
[mod] -- BETA  : duelist armor - 0/75/0
[fix] -- BETA  : fixed SHIFT-L previous level feeling

Requests For Features / Re: DoomRL BETA 3
« on: February 17, 2024, 14:33 »
If you're talking on the difference between, and then, well, everything changed - SDL 1.2 -> SDL 2.28, OpenGL 1.2 -> OpenGL 3.3 and the fixed pipeline rendering into shader based rendering. Audio SDL_mixer -> SDL2_mixer.

Requests For Features / DoomRL BETA 3
« on: February 02, 2024, 07:59 »
Beta 3 is up!

Apart from what you can read in the changelog - I adjusted and fixed some things based on the previous thread feedback, also we're starting two big features with this BETA

1) overhaul of the controls - while I don't intend to dumb down the controls (no worries, diagonals will be here FOREVER), some of the choices in terms of keybindings want their Altavista website back. SHIFT-DOT for entering the next level HAD to go. I'm also trying out a streamline here - SPACE is a universal action key - Open, Close, use Lever and Descend stairs can all be done using SPACE. The old keys DO work, but unless someone gives a valid reason I will remove them at some point. Also, use from ground has been moved to SHIFT-G (shift pickup), this includes wearing/wielding from ground, and also will trigger a lever if present.

2) overhaul of the speed and timing system - this SHOULD be fairly invisible now - if you spot anything weird, report immedately! The reason this needs to be done is so we can have smooth mouse movement and smooth animations later down the line.

Feedback on the changes, both forementioned and the ones below needed!

Raw changelog below, comments, reports and requests welcome - join us on the Discord in #doomrl!

DoomRL BETA 3 Windows LQ

If you're not on Windows, you can always compile the development branch from github - find me on the Jupiter Hell discord if you need help with that!

Code: [Select] BETA 3
[new] -- BETA  : WARNING - speed system rewrites!
[new] -- GH#080: keybindings updates - SPACE is action key (open, close, descend, pull)
[new] -- GH#080: keybindings updates - SHIFT-G is use/wear/wield/pull from ground
[new] -- GH#074: UnlockAll option in config.lua to unlock Challenges and Difficulties
[new] -- GH#063: WK3 available for techs at clev 12+ and allows 1 more assembly mod!
[mod] -- GH#078: increased amount of enemies on Deimos and Hell
[mod] -- GH#075: overcharging a BFG doubles dice count instead of +2 dice
[mod] -- GH#075: assembly buffs - micro launcher, tower shield, ballistic armor, env boots
[mod] -- GH#075: assembly buffs - speedloader pistol, assault rifle, mother in law
[mod] -- GH#075: buffed Gothic Arms set, slightly nerfed Inquisitor Set pieces
[mod] -- GH#075: buffed Necroarmor and translocator, changed Cybernetic Armor resistances
[mod] -- GH#063: you can still mod an assembly if you take WK2 after assembling
[mod] -- GH#070: nightmare enemies are resistant to floor effects
[mod] -- GH#078: nightmare arch-vile deals 20 plasma damage (was 25 fire)
[mod] -- GH#078: nightmare imps are 20% faster and more accurate
[mod] -- GH#059: Techs get starting mod on challenges that allow them
[mod] -- GH#053: you can now properly firestorm-mod a tristar blaster
[mod] -- GH#078: buffed danger/XP and weight for elite for/ser/cap and nightmare demons
[mod] -- GH#078: former commandos and pain elemental spawn level range increased
[mod] -- GH#078: lava elemental buffed, Erebus/Lava pits have diff dependent envirosuits
[mod] -- GH#077: swapped positions of Vaults and Cathedral, Vaults enemies buffed
[fix] -- GH#050: Containment Area conquered status only achieved by full clear
[fix] -- GH#049: Deimos Lab conquered status only achieved by killing the Shamblers
[fix] -- GH#040: fixed loud/silent sound for wall-destroying levers
[fix] -  GH#052: fixed error message when attacking crates with a melee weapon on AoPc
[fix] -- BETA  : fixed on-kill effects (crash with DS/BA and Beretta wins and Megabuster)
[fix] -- BETA  : fixed Backpack/Schematics bug
[fix] -- BETA  : fixed Ironman + Berserk granting resistance above 95%
[fix] -- BETA  : Vampyre blocks Ironman 

Requests For Features / Re: DoomRL BETA 2
« on: January 10, 2024, 01:10 »
How is #3 a bug? It should be commented out if not used.

#2 is due to SDL (and the reason of the wall-destroy level audio "fixing"). I'll create an audio manager maybe for next beta that should fix both.

Also I'll look into patching #1 maybe earlier than B3.

Thanks for the quick turnaround! <3

Requests For Features / DoomRL BETA 2
« on: January 09, 2024, 09:11 »
Beta 2 is up!

I've reverted the unpopular change for firing out of vision, fixed most of the issues reported in the previous beta topic (see message there), and started implementing some stuff from the compilation topic. However, most important (and biggest) change to test is the invisible stuff - internally I've moved from SDL to SDL2, and from OpenGL 1.2 to OpenGL 3.3 core. Report any weird behaviour! While invisible for now, not only will this fix porting issues (hello OSX) but also will open up to several improvements in the future.

Raw changelog below, comments, reports and requests welcome - join us on the Discord in #doomrl!

DoomRL BETA 2 Windows LQ

If you're not on Windows, you can always compile the development branch from github - find me on the Jupiter Hell discord if you need help with that!

Code: [Select] BETA 2
[mod] -- GH#028: ported the game to SDL2
[mod] -- GH#048: ported the game to OpenGL 3.3 core
[mod] -- GH#062: Marines start with +20% fire/acid/plasma resistance
[mod] -- GH#062: Scout stair-sense works on regular stairs only
[mod] -- GH#062: Tech can single-mod: Cleaver, Mjollnir, Silent, Trigun,
                 Jackal, Jackhammer, Frag Shotgun, multi-mod Revenant Launcher
[mod] -- GH#064: Ironman adds +10% bullet/shrapnel/melee resistance per level
[mod] -- GH#064: Reloader bonus increased +20% -> +30%
[mod] -- GH#064: Intuition range reduced to Vision + 2
[mod] -- GH#064: Gunrunner - blocks Brute instead of Whizkid
[mod] -- GH#064: Army of Dead - blocks Son of a Gun instead of Finesse
[mod] -- GH#064: Bullet Dance - block Intuition instead of Eagle Eye
[mod] -- GH#067: Backpack and schematics are now indestructible
[mod] -- GH#067: doubled BFG9K and Chainsaw natural generation weight
[mod] -- GH#067: rocket boxes hold 25 rockets (up from 20)
[mod] -- GH#066: Frag Shotgun shotcost 4 -> 2
[mod] -- GH#066: Mega buster ammo consumption 5 -> 3
[mod] -- GH#066: Medical Powerarmor armor 4 -> 6
[mod] -- TR#294: MF_EXACT weapons locked to vision range
         ( BETA NOTE - this is the vision range REVERT, only MF_EXACT will have this restriction)
[mod] -- TR#---: pick bottom-most stack when reloading
[fix] -- TR#---: improve mouse responsiveness
[fix] -- TR#---: fix current kill spree showing best kill spree
[fix] -- GH#054: fixed error when DS/BA has no room to spawn demons
[fix] -- BETA  : fixed post-mortem crash related to kill types (OT Bug #7/#8)
[fix] -- BETA  : fixed kill source related crashes (OT Bug #4)
[fix] -- BETA  : fixed feet resistance not respected by lava/acid (OT Bug #2)

Bug Reports / Re: ascii invulnerabilty screen broken on 0998
« on: January 05, 2024, 09:18 »
Fixed in BETA 2

Requests For Features / Re: DoomRL BETA 1
« on: January 05, 2024, 08:44 »
BUG #1 - can't reproduce this! Once BETA 2 drops please try again, and if it still doesn't work, we'll investigate!
BUG #2 - fixed in BETA 2
BUG #3 - I wasn't the author of the AI changes, so I'd need to more closely investigate what happens there, let's leave it as it is for the time being
BUG #4 - fixed in BETA 2
BUG #5 - fixed in BETA 2
BUG #6 - added a task for it
BUG #7/#8 - same bug actually - fixed in BETA 2
BUG #9 - I did some changes here, but I guess it's still slow (especially compared to JH). if the changes didn't help then please be patient - I'm planning a fully non-blocking animation system for the future

Bug Reports / Re: SYSOP charges missing
« on: September 01, 2023, 03:11 »
This was fixed, GOG version is behind, I'll try to make them push an update!

This was fixed, GOG version is behind, I'll try to make them push an update!

Requests For Features / DoomRL BETA 1
« on: September 01, 2023, 03:10 »
High time to start working on another release, don't you think?

There are some old changes in the repository that never were publicly tested, so I need a baseline BETA 1 tested to go further. Also this version includes changes to linux curses display (you'll need to compile it yourself to check it out). Changelog below.

DoomRL BETA 1 Windows LQ

If you're not on Windows, you can always compile the development branch from github - find me on the Jupiter Hell discord if you need help with that!

Code: [Select] BETA 1
[new] -- TR#307: description for badges and medals in mortem.txt
[new] -- TR#---: event added: darkness
[mod] -- TR#---: Nightmare no longer prevents saving
[mod] -- TR#---: animation engine upgrade
[mod] -- TR#294: targeting ranges use vision calculation and are locked to vision range unless the weapon specifies a different range (shark)
[mod] -- TR#310: character screen (@) shows dodge and knockback modifiers.
[mod] -- TR#---: Ao100 / AAo666 full wins now counted as such.
[mod] -- TR#---: AoOC retooled -- starting inventory changed.
[mod] -- TR#---: separte path support (separate data/score etc, esp on Linux)
[mod] -- TR#---: curses used on Linux instead of FPCVideo
[fix] -- TR#---: melee kills tracked properly AoLT and ArchAoLT now working as intended
[fix] -- TR#---: kills are only assigned to an item if the item was used to kill
[fix] -- TR#---: weapon OnKill is called only if weapon is used to kill the enemy
[fix] -- TR#154: plural items (boots) are now properly described on floor
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed mouse scrolling along map edges (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: right click won't try to reload weapons that don't use ammo (shark)
[fix] -- TR#290: mouse targeting now respects missile range property and vision range (shark)
[fix] -- TR#290: targeting line has consistent coloring rules between console and graphics mode.
[fix] -- TR#303: SegFault from melee attacking during weapon restricted challenges fixed (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: better timed explosion animations for weapons firing multiple shots (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: pump action weapons that self charge or don't use ammo will allow 'r' to pump them (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: Shottyman no longer move-reloads self charging weapons (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: BFG10K has better scattering, and scatters at close range (shark)
[fix] -- TR#303: Fixed a crash caused by a weird interaction between the player's death, a nuke, and being OnAction hooks (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: 'l'ooking no longer overwrites the last line of the message log (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: Repeat level feeling command added (Shift-L by default) (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: Hell's Armory/Deimos Lab can now generate a unique as its special item.
[fix] -- TR#311: Armory/Deimos Lab won't pick assemblies created in the current game as a schematic choice.
[fix] -- TR#---: MMB now properly performs both attacks always. (shark)
[fix] -- TR#---: Demons shouldn't freeze up any more.
[fix] -- TR#---: Vaults: Opened spaces no longer marked permanent.
[fix] -- TR#---: Deimos Lab: Schematic generation matches Armory rules.
[fix] -- TR#---: Military Base: Work around for graphics issues.
[fix] -- TR#---: Arch-Viles now take damage from acid/lava.
[fix] -- TR#---: Berserker trigger is based on Nominal HP (Iro/Marine will no longer affect it), still has minimum of 10 damage (for AoHu).
[fix] -- TR#309: AoOC now counts sacrifice and full wins properly.
[fix] -- TR#---: Technicians now get starting tech mod on challenges that were (incorrectly) removing it.

Bug Reports / Re: Gog download for Windows is still 1.6
« on: August 07, 2023, 08:38 »
This is a GOG site issue - all I can do is the same as everyone, write to GOG support :/

Bug Reports / Re: DRL won't compile with default settings
« on: June 25, 2023, 07:09 »
Hey, use the development branch of both doomrl and fpc valkyrie - should compile both in 32 and 64 bit without issues.

Bug Reports / Re: Extremely poor performance
« on: January 21, 2022, 10:16 »
Hey, I don't visit the forge forums as often on steam, but I just wanted to inform you that I did manage to reproduce this state on my home PC (with a 1080 Ti) - unfortunately it happens so only in debug when running from visual studio - but chances are I can figure it out for the next version.

There's a huge difference between

a) to savescum you need to prepare by saving the game, copying the save somewhere else, then to restore it you need to copy it back


b) anytime you wish to return to your old save, even if on a whim just force kill the game

The first one requires you to actively cheat, the second one is a very easy temptation to give into.

That said, when replays are in, I'll add a "safe mode" option, that will constantly save the current replay. This will cost a bit CPU and disk usage, but will basically restore your progress no matter what (including power outages, driver crashes, system crashes, etc). No ETA on it yet, but hopefully this year.

Bug Reports / Re: Crashes in Linux with 1.2
« on: January 21, 2022, 10:06 »
> There's no crash_report_xxx.txt from these.

That means that the driver crashed and didn't even return control to the game :/. Try updating your drivers. If that doesn't help, the least I would need is crash info from the driver, otherwise I'm working with a crash report no more detailed than "game crashes, fix it" :(

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