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Requests For Features / Re: Balance suggestions
« on: April 11, 2013, 07:49 »
Nice creativity but somehow I feel this might be a bit too much, in making the game far easier with a shotgun that is. Feels somehow overpowered since at high difficulties you do get to shoot at many enemies at the same time. On the other hand, rockets and other blast weapons practically do "almost" the same thing so I don't know, "maybe" with the right tweaks/stats on the weapon it "could" work.

Yup I noticed this as well in some of my runs. It's quite true. Not sure if it's a bug or not though.

Demons in vaults in early levels are a pure nightmare for some builds, especially if you haven't found a decent weapon yet.

Having to shoot them while getting inside vaults to make them chase you, some times means you just don't have enough time to run away and just die. xD

Even if it's not intentional it somehow serves as a challenge pretty well tbh. Or maybe it's just me.

Discussion / Re: Poll: which medals can we do without?
« on: April 09, 2013, 04:28 »
A ok, I didn't know it was fixed in latest version missed that.

Also wanted to mention that Cyberdemon and Mastermind brains are quite easy to get and also exploitable. IMO there should be strict rules to get these such as:

All of the following conditions must be met to get the boss medals:
  • Getting 0 damage in the level.
  • Never being "hit" by the Boss. Immunity is irrelevant for this.
  • Nukes prevent getting the medal.

In one sentence:
COMPLETE the level without nukes, without getting hit or damaged.

Finally for the GCB make the medal so that:
You have to kill the Spider mastermind by ONLY using the GCB beretta. No other weapons.
There, fixed. Now that's better.

This will make the medals actually somewhat challenging.
Now they are more of a cakewalk. xD

Discussion / Re: Poll: which medals can we do without?
« on: April 09, 2013, 04:13 »
Gambler's shield is actually bugged and I got it by mistake in my first full run afair.
I just kept pressing the lever in Dis I think, cause I thought something might happen.
Was a cateye run, so I had used many levers in other levels as well. I'm pretty sure it would be more difficult without this "accident" btw, which seems like an exploit now that I think about it.

Anyway voted for iron skull obviously. It's too much of a "silly" strategicless grind if you ask me. Bored to do it. Like hell.
Guts heart is kinda silly as well since that weapon is uber hard to find anyway. Many of us have never even managed to encounter it in our runs.

I don't agree. They are quite powerful (and napalm launcher is probably insane), but except in AoMC, they won't one-shot you if you play carefully. Having some serious (formers !) enemies is good, and their armors make them quite resistant (unless you switch to an adapted weapon), which sounds interesting too to me.

The first times I went in military base, I didn't even notice the difference with normal formers, and tought the level was ridiculously easy :o))
Sure, I noticed they were "elite", but elite-bodies of elite-cornershot enemies aren't more elite-dangerous than their vanilla mates :)
Actually not just AoMc though you do have a point. The fact is I "was" careful but it was in one of my many failed AoI attempts, so I couldn't even heal myself with a medkit you see, since you have no consumables on you in AoI.
And don't forget a lucky damage roll with a napalm launcher is all that it takes since besides the huge max dmg it can roll and knockback, you may also find yourself in lava created island or tiles and receive the remainder of your life in dmg anyway. (that's what happened) Floating in lava and remaining alive after such a burst, needs quite a bit of luck, or a very quick phase/large medpack which I couldn't have in AoI. Oh well, I agree the challenge is welcome and it's true the first time I went in there I didn't notice how hard it could become depending on random weaponry. It's just till you get in a situation like the above that you realize that you also need at least a bit of "rng luck" to survive by such weapons. Also the layout on the left, does not help corner-shooting much, mind you. Just saying though.

As for the elites being easy, sure the ones with the green armor still die pretty fast, agreed, the commandos though are another story, they have quite some decent natural armor including an extra blue armor on top of it. They are really not as fragile as their brothers.

In hindsight, I'm pretty surprised that the sergeant I ran into fired its shotgun while I stepped into melee range. This is the first time I've seen any former use a ranged weapon at point blank. Is this a general AI 'improvement' or is it an elite former thing?
Sounds like a bug, but you can safely assume it also works as an AI improvement after all.  I'm pretty sure it applies only to elites though, since I've never had that case with other normal creatures at melee range.

Damn, I can sympathize, I had a similar surprise recently...

Died to a freaking elite former commando in the same place (in UV) who was wielding a napalm launcher. Seriously these guys need some nerfing. He actually turned the whole military base into a huge lava pit in no time, and ofc guess who got himself right in it...

The feeling you get from such things, is somewhat similar to playing a lvl 1 character in an online community rpg, while a huge lvl character attacks you in pvp with some insane weapon and kills you offscreen in oneshot. You just never get time to shoot back/retaliate.

Personally, while I find the elite monsters to be a great addition in the game as a whole, going up against those powerful super shotguns and napalm launchers for instance, as early as dlvl7 in the game (military base), is just waaaaaay too overboard. Imagine that elite formers actually appear only on 60-90dlvl of an Ao100 game or later. Seeing them in JUST lvl7 with such weaponry is just pure madness at best. One wrong step and they one-shot you. That's the reality of it.

The only upside to it, is that this is an optional level after all.

Nah phobos base entry is generally very very easy to do damageless.

However, a bronze for UV damageless, and a silver for nightmare damageless I guess would be kinda ok and logical, all things considered. Or just a medal for UV+ damageless is fine too, i guess.

Discussion / Re: Soooo... AoMr in
« on: April 05, 2013, 06:37 »
... actually, no. I give up on AoMr permanently. Killing 200+hp of 4-armor boss with pistols is just too damned tedious.

lol...either you are a troll or you get disappointed waaaaay too easily...

You do empty your whole gun in just fragments of a second you know. That's what high lvls of SoG does. Cybie may never even move before getting a full barrage of max dmg bullets, or before you empty 2 guns on him. The only slight problem is the reload. And speaking of max dmg with sharpshooter for instance you actually get more ranged dps than most other builds (since you actually never miss due to the EE points), so I can't see where so much despair comes from.

You can easily do this in HMP too, you just haven't realized it yet. :P

Discussion / Re: Soooo... AoMr in
« on: April 05, 2013, 05:28 »
Sharpshooter Technician is also great and probably my favorite build due to the max dmg/knockback but people seem to favor gun kata equally if not more. Your choice really, I don't think that one is better than the other. Just personal preference.

Also by making technician you do get to make a stormbolter pretty early on due to easy-mode whizkid.

Requests For Features / Re: Different name for SoG
« on: April 04, 2013, 16:21 »
It's not really that bad a name. The position though the fact that it's next to Sob, maybe that's the issue.

PS : If it were me though, I 'd probably name it something like "License to Kill" reminiscent to the classic james bond action game. :)

Question, though.
While having maximum fire resist from both parts of the Inquisitor set equipped, I took a Cyberdemon rocket to the face. Of course, I took no damage, but my kill streak was reset. How does the game determine when to reset my kill streak, aside from just taking damage from damage floors or enemy attacks? It seems strange that the kill streak reset itself even though I took zero damage from an attack.
That's  a good find. I believe it's probably a small bug.
Getting hit is not exactly the same as getting damage, so I think it is probably a minor detail overlook.

Gratz for the run, I just started yesterday a Ao100 game myself in UV though and with a Scavenger build. Sharpshooter is indeed kinda easier. Technician is not that good in early game judging from personal experience.

Even the first 5 levels to finish were a true challenge... Pinkies especially at first levels, are quite dangerous foes, even more when they fill whole rooms or spawn in a level around you.

Discussion / Re: A Beginner's Guide to DoomRL
« on: April 03, 2013, 05:55 »
Greatest user-friendly guide ever. Stickied and added to the wiki would be great.

A note concerning Juggler. The benefit it gives is not "just" for the swapped Z weapon.

It's also for all base weapons which can be accessed from 1 to 9 in the keyboard. You can instantly swap for example to shotgun/chaingun/plasma rifle/rocket launcher or even the BFG this way. If more than 1 choice is available aka 2 chainguns, the one with the most bullets loaded is always preferred. Also this does not stop on just the base weapons but also extends to their derivative crafted items, such as a gatling gun, or a hyperblaster.

Someone also has mentioned that weapons can be insta-swapped with the mouse wheel too. Haven't tested it though. I always forget.

Discussion / Re: Opinions on new special levels needed!
« on: April 03, 2013, 03:41 »
I wanted to ask - do schematics ever spawn in Deimos labs? I know I am probably the only one here who cares about schematics and am actually glad when they spawn, since I decided not to ever look up assemblies on the wiki and I'm sticking with it. I've been getting Deimos labs a lot lately and not once schematics...

I never found one there myself too, after finishing the place 3-4 times.
It's kinda unfair, since you get 2 shamblers instead of 1 there.
Higher risk should at least give a guaranteed schematic should it not? Or at least same chance as in armory.

Maybe we are just unlucky though, both of us.

Hmm.. I've started an Ao100 game, thinking that it might give me a shot at DS as well and I've found... Berserker Armour. Great. I'm pretty sure it will be clogging my inventory until I finish the run.

I'd probably do the same, though the current mortem proves, that berserker armor is not really an absolute "necessity" to equip dragonslayer.

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