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Bug Reports / Re: [ Windows] Multiple AoD bugs
« on: April 03, 2012, 01:20 »
The thing about monsters respawning is that it breaks special levels. In Hell's Arena, at least, I could never destroy even the first wave because the monsters kept coming back.

That probably confirms it as a bug: it'd be a nice enough of an official feature, yes, but it should be possible to complete levels that require clearing up everything.

Discussion / Re: What weapons and how many?
« on: April 24, 2011, 04:51 »
I carry around a rocket launcher almost always, unless it's a challenge game where I can't use one, for blowing up walls and the like. The other weapon depends on the build and any particular challenges, but usually there's just one.

Demon of Something. No, not Angel. Demon.

Bored on assaulting all hells by yourself? Tired of being the hero to wipe out evil? Let's switch the roles!

You are now a puny imp, sent by yourself to assault a human stronghold. Your mission: break through the mortal defenses to destroy the latest innovation in their weapons technology, the dreaded Cyber-Titan! What waits you is humans, sergeants, captains, and commandoes, all with their Former prefix removed, as well as vicious bloodthirsty hounds to replace demons, small attack drones instead of lost souls, mobile heavy weapon turrets instead of cacodemons, power armored robot soldiers instead of hell knights or barons, and other deadly and scary machinery of mankind, the best they have to offer against the forces of hell! What is a tiny demon to do?

You have naught your fireball and pansy claw attack. Worse, while you could definitely scavenge some weapons from your fallen enemies, you have never seen such high-tech magic before, and must learn yourself to use them in the hard way: thus, any traits involving the use of any sort of weaponry (SoaG, Reloader, Triggerhappy, etc.) cannot be chosen at all until you have handled any weapon that benefits from them!

Also unlike Doomguy, if YOU don't survive, there are hordes of unlucky imps behind you, ready to be sent for another go immediately afterwards. Good luck!

Requests For Features / The dropped item melts!
« on: April 19, 2011, 04:20 »
Any chance the Doomguy could get enough insight to, you know, not drop items on acid or lava if there are perfectly fine empty safe tiles next to him too? Because that's just stupid.

Tell me how to get them to move around more, so that I could actually get them to do the same mistakes I always do.

And no, item baiting never works for some reason. Or even if it does, it only does because I put the thing down close enough and got riddled with so many bullet holes that I might as well just have shot them with the same trouble.

Same difference.

Okay, but seriously, that's cheating. Something should be made about that. Like, if the Doomguy enters someone's field of vision on his turn, then they won't have the time to react on the exact same turn, when they take theirs, but rather must wait for the next round. Except for some higher level monsters: those are allowed to act first unless the Doomguy is fast enough, like with Hellrunner. Then, when everyone gets to see each other and fire, whoever is the fastest gets the shot out first: the player character's firing speed, and all the traits affecting on it, will be important.

In other words, bring in a new stat called Initiative.

Discussion / Re: Gun Kata - Worth it?
« on: April 15, 2011, 07:58 »
Wow, and it's actually possible to get, what, 23 levels, aside from Ao100 perhaps?

I usually don't even think that far ahead. And there are easier and cheaper ways to kill an arch-vile with the same speed and risk.

Discussion / Re: Gun Kata - Worth it?
« on: April 15, 2011, 07:38 »
What do those numbers in parentheses mean?

First they learned to run, then they learned to wield guns, and now they can always win in a quick draw.

Hmm. That needs to be a trait. "You always get the first shot out."

I can't peek behind a corner without getting lead all over me and being knocked back a whole lot. I've been suffering this ever since the game first came out, and to be honest, I'm pretty sure zombies aren't supposed to have lightning-fast reflexes.

Couldn't you slow 'em down a little bit? At least when the Doomguy first pops from behind corner all unexpected like. It'd take them a sec to regain their composure.

Discussion / Re: Gun Kata - Worth it?
« on: April 14, 2011, 13:20 »
Angel of Mercy?

I likewise downloaded the sound version just now, what with noticing that diabloRL has been updating and deciding to give it a go, and noticed the same thing. Meaning that at the moment, I would have to choose between incredibly atmospheric sound and music, and monsters that actually hit back. Hmm...

If we could isolate the problem and perhaps find out it's a single file or a line of code, we could probably surgically remove the part in question from the non-sound version and attach it to the sound one, solving the problem.

I notice this thing is three months old. When is it going to be fixed?

Discussion / Gun Kata - Worth it?
« on: April 14, 2011, 04:06 »
I often play AoM, but even then I often tend to pass this one. Dodging is just too much of a hassle, of limited use, and very often I'm in narrow corridors where it's not possible to do anyway. Meanwhile, put another point in SoaG, two in Finesse, and maybe one in SoaB, and I can remain stationary and shoot almost as fast as with Gun Kata without having to move around.

Though, I guess the existence of the Tactical Armor/Boots have made this more viable, letting me move and dodge much better. But still. What do you think, should I learn myself to dodge better?

Requests For Features / Re: Infinite Arena
« on: April 14, 2011, 03:11 »
Being a very common kind of DoomRL player, I usually have trouble even with the standard Hell's Arena. More often than not, even if I would manage to clear the three rounds, I would not survive the fourth.

The first two or three levels you get to clear before Hell's Arena typically won't arm you with too much stuff to deal with this challenge. If you can manage to get through into the more powerful rewards, you're probably so skilled that you would never have needed them to begin with.

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