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Hey, this looks like it was an epic run!  :D  Sharpshooter with AoLT is a surprisingly potent combination, eh?  :)  I don't get your "bird" reference, but I do recall that I once played a game with Sharpshooter and having a Blaster that I used to tunnel through The Wall, and then stood to one side of the hole and just held my finger on the F key until everything was  dead  (I guess I was paying them lots of respect)  :P  I was doing enough damage for consistent knockback, so i was completely safe there and nothing could touch me.  :)

Having a Storm Blaster looks like it must have been a lot of fun, though, so I can be a bit envious of that.  :)  (I just think "Storm Blaster" is a cool name)  :)

Also, doing Conqueror in AoMr is totally doable.  (If a bit ridiculous)  I know because I did it once.  I'm on my phone right now but I'll link it later.  :)

Thank you!  :D  It was pretty exciting.  :)

Releases / Re: The Inferno Module
« on: May 25, 2019, 03:40 »
So I tried a game with my favourite build, Vampyre, and it reinforced what I said above that melee builds are basically easy mode in this mod.  (Relatively speaking; it still took several tries for me to get to Vampyre trait)  In fact, it was even easier than I realized, because I discovered that getting melee kills while invisible (like with using the Shadow Aegis) doesn't wake enemies up!  :o  On Ptolomea, the level that absolutely destroyed me in the previous game, I was able to kill about 3/4 of the enemies without any opposition.  (I had the Longinus Spear by that point, so everything died from one hit; I basically snuck around the whole map, silently backstabbing everyone)  :D

I was four kills shy of YAAM, thanks to some guys that spawned during my fight with the Simulacrum.  *Sigh...*  :|

I don't know if anyone is still maintaining this mod, but I see a couple of minor errors.  The final kill count is correct, but the in-game kill count from the @ screen got messed up when I went down one of the blue stairs while there were still enemies on the level.  It showed 23 unkilled enemies for the rest of the game, even though I killed everything.  Also, I notice that I'm credited as getting the Betrayal Token twice.

This is still a fun mod.  :)  I wonder if I can find another build that works.

Spoiler: Mortem (click to show/hide)

Releases / Re: The Inferno Module
« on: May 23, 2019, 09:44 »
So I played Inferno mod again, trying to win UV with a non-melee build, which is feeling more and more overly ambitious.  Nevertheless, I got even further than my previous game.  :)

In Singularity, I used the invisibility effect granted by the Shadow Aegis to sneak past enemies and shut down two of the portals, but I was overwhelmed before I could get to the other two and had to leave early.  Up 'til that point, I had 100% kills.

In Acheron, I was doing okay for a while, but couldn't get to the last few(?) Arch-Viles and I realized that the bodies being raised from the river, in addition to not giving you experience, don't even drop any ammo!  So I was depleting my resources without any gain.  Once I ran out of med packs, I decided it was time to homing phase out.  The fact that ammo is limited neatly highlights the fact that melee builds have a *huge* advantage in this mod.  As much as I'd like to prove that it's doable without melee, I might just try a melee build next.

In the end, the opposition in Ptolomea was just too much for me.  I tried to homing phase out, but for some reason, it didn't teleport me to the exit.  I was surrounded with no cover and died very quickly.

Spoiler: Mortem (click to show/hide)

Someone asked which Angelic badges I have and this seems like as good a place as any to make a list of the threads for them.  In chronological order...

Shottyman Angelic

Quartermaster Angelic

Centurial Angelic

Veteran/Elite Angelic

Berserker Angelic

Strongman Angelic

Lightfoot Angelic

Everyman Angelic

The first two thirds were pretty intense too.  :D

(I don't recommend you try that challenge first, Sylph)  :P

Let's see...  I've got Veteran, Strongman, Elite, Berserker, Shottyman, Lightfoot, Quartermaster, Centurial, and Everyman...  and I should have posts for each of them around here somewhere.

I'm particularly pleased with the Everyman Angelic badge game.  (Complete with video!)  :D  That one took a ridiculous number of tries to get.  :)

(EDIT: Fixed link)

(Whoops!  I've neglected replying to this!)  :o

Awesome run!  :D  It sounds like a lot of things went wrong along the way, but I'm glad to see you pulled it off in the end!  :)  As Sereg said, I'm sure  you're capable of surpassing me if you put your mind to it.  I'd be particularly interested if you get any of the badges I didn't get.  :)  Also, I gotta say, you found two Firestorm mods together and didn't make a Biggest FG?  :P  Well, I guess the Demolition Pistol was a lot more practical, but I confess that I'm disappointed you didn't at least put the other Firestorm on the Hyperblaster.  F-modded Hyperblasters kick ass!  :D

I'm also curious about your choice of build.  Getting Juggler right at the beginning is an interesting choice; did you find that helpful in Hell's Arena?  And what's with the third level of Eagle Eye?  EE2 is already plenty, and you had Hyperblaster, Combat Pistol, and Missle Launcher, which are all high accuracy weapons.  The only instance I would get EE3 is if I was either going for Sharpshooter (which isn't an option here) or if I had a Burst assembly which reduces accuracy.  In your case, it doesn't look like you would have gotten any benefit from it.

As for your questions about respawning, the only monsters that leave a corpse, but don't respawn are Arch-Viles and Nightmare Arch-Viles.  (Which leave a "bloody corpse;" this corpse is also ungibbable, except with Skulls...  or a nuke, I guess)  :P  Shamblers and Bruiser Brothers are the only "boss" monsters that can respawn.  (The Arena Master, Cyberdemon, Angel of Death, Lava Elemental, and presumably Mastermind and JC don't respawn)

Short answer:  No.

Longer answer:  None of the uniques are particularly balanced; a few of them are super useful beyond belief, (like Malek's Armor or Dragonslayer) but a majority of them I just throw away immediately.  (There are no circumstances I would use Mjollnir or the Frag Shotgun, for instance)  It kind of feels like, in the latest version of DRL, the devteam just threw a random bunch of special items into the game without giving it a lot of thought.

I understand the theory behind how Charch's Null Pointer works, but every time I've tried putting it in practice, it's just a waste of cells.  A regular plasma rifle would be a better use of the ammo.

Releases / Re: The Elevator of Dimensions (0.9.2)
« on: April 12, 2019, 18:53 »
I felt like playing this mod again today (for the first time in almost two years, apparently!)  :P  and I had the same fatal crash as in my above game.  :(  It happened in the same place too, level 4 (the upside-down one) when I tried to look at my equipment screen and this time, I'm sure I wasn't targeting an enemy at the time I tried to look at it.  Out of curiosity, I reviewed the video I recorded two years ago of myself playing this and I freely looked at my equipment screen on that level without problems.  (I thought maybe it had something to do with the equipment I was using, since I had recently picked up a plasma rifle in both games before the crash, but that doesn't seem to be what caused it...  or at least it doesn't do it consistently)  I doubt anyone's looking at this mod these days, but here's the error message it generated anyway:

Code: [Select]
Timestamp   : 2019-04-12 20:36:47
Error level : CRITICAL
Message     : Player action exception!

Error message : Access violation

Timestamp   : 2019-04-12 20:37:03
Message     : Fatal exception encountered

An unhandled exception occurred at $0040DAA8 :
EAccessViolation : Access violation
  $00462508  TDOOMXML__SAVE,  line 449 of src/dfhof.pas
  $00460219  TSCOREFILE__SAVE,  line 187 of src/dfhof.pas
  $0046BC15  THOF__SAVE,  line 1249 of src/dfhof.pas
  $0046BB6F  THOF__DONE,  line 1233 of src/dfhof.pas
  $0042FA11  TSYSTEM__DESTROY,  line 51 of e:/Projects/fpcvalkyrie/src/vsystem.pas


EDIT:  I have a feeling that since both error messages have the "TSYSTEM__DESTROY" line in them, it has something to do with the "Search and Destroy Orbs," like looking at the equipment screen in their presence crashes it.

Releases / Re: The Inferno Module
« on: April 12, 2019, 13:08 »
I've been playing this mod from time to time lately, experimenting with different builds, still hoping to have a successful non-melee UV game and this one was more successful than most as a masterless Technician build with standard load-out.

I was really fond of the synergy between the Lava Armor and the Aegis; any time the armour got damaged, I could use the Aegis to stand on lava for a bit to repair it...  so I was a bit dismayed when the Shadow Orb in Eberus unexpectedly converted the Aegis into a "Shadow Aegis" which gives invisibility instead of environmental protection.  That's still a nice bonus, but it didn't fit the strategy I was using and I'd already thrown away all my extra armour.  :|

I entered the Singularity invulnerable and I took advantage of that to rocket-jump to each of the portals to close them before anyone could react, so there were fewer enemies for me to deal with.  :)

Unlike my previous game, I made a point of charging forward in Acheron so I could take out the Arch-Viles before they could raise too many corpses.  I took advantage of the invisibility effect of the Shadow Aegis to run past most of the enemies.  Everything was going great up until everything went wrong in an instant when a stray shot from a Baron broke through a wall I had been using as cover and released a bunch of Mancubi on the other side and the ensuing barrage of rockets destroyed all other possible cover.  I was just barely able to get to the exit with 6% health and no medpacks.  After that, I died from an Arachnotron barrage after going around a blind corner.

Spoiler: Mortem (click to show/hide)

Oh, derp, for some reason, I read your sig as 8 Angelics instead of 8 Diamonds.  :P  I blame sleep deprivation.  I just got a new job that keeps me very busy.  :)

I'll have the most pretty soon Tormuse! I just got made homeless, jobless, live in a solar-powered van, and have doomrl as my companion while I travel the country dancing!

Oh, wow!  Sounds like you've had some significant life changes lately!  :o  (I mean...  unless you've been traveling the country all along and I just didn't know)  :P  Well, I hope you're doing all right and having fun anyway.  :)  (And if your van happens to pass Toronto, give me a call)  :)

And it looks like you're one Angelic away from catching up to me?  :o  That might be the incentive I need to pick up this game again and see if I can pull ahead!  :D  (And yes, I'd love to see those mortems too)  :)

Off Topic / Re: Working on a roguelike...
« on: March 31, 2019, 14:33 »
The funny thing about the Harappan grimoire in that case was that it was a second copy of the same grimoire I already had with the same spells in it I had already studied...  so it made even less sense for it to take time to study it.  :)

Off Topic / Re: Working on a roguelike...
« on: March 31, 2019, 00:16 »
I haven't played the new version yet; these notes are still for version A0120.  (It should probably say the version number in the autopsy to avoid confusion)  I was doing fine up until I got overwhelmed in the last room.  I tried using an offensive spell from my grimoire, (can't remember what the spell was called) but it didn't seem to affect the Necrocrat.  I died while using my starting medicine.  (Which I thought was supposed to act faster; at least according to the description; oh well...)

Spoiler: Autopsy (click to show/hide)


Typo in description of "Third Eye" spell, "hopefully, the insight gainedwill prove worth..."  (there should be a space between "gained" and "will")

I tried reading a Harappan grimoire while having 100% grasp of the Harappan language.  It used up 50% of my lamp oil, even though it showed the message, "You know everything there is to know about the Harappan language."  It probably shouldn't take the time (and lamp oil) if you've already mastered the language.

Hey, I successfully used the Mercurial Font spell!  Go me!  :D  (Used it next to an active fountain and it turned clear elixir from the fountain into mercury; previously, I wasted it by trying to use it on a dry font)

I can't figure out how the Transmute spell is supposed to work or what it's supposed to do.  It won't let me use it on spell reagents at all and it failed while wasting my mercury when I tried using it on one of my weapons or on my sacred oil.  Also, it generated an error message when I tried using it on my ancestral pendant.  (And the pendant vanished from my inventory)  EDIT:  Ah, okay, I figured it out; it turns jars of healing ointment into ancient vials, ancient vials into jugs of healing ointment, and jugs of healing ointment into crystal decanters.  EDIT2:  Or...  maybe not?  Now I'm trying it on those same things and this time, it's failing consistently.  :(  Perhaps you have to not have any of the item you're trying to transmute to?  Either I have to experiment more or I need spoilers.  :P

EDIT:  Oh yeah, I should probably attach the error message.  (From trying to transmute the Ancestral Pendant)

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