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  • May 25, 2017, 17:51
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 on: Today at 12:17 
Started by Faintly - Last post by LuckyDee
Coward :p
Who gave you the ticket to hell, anyway ? !

I know, I know. Not that comfortable with my skills...

 on: Today at 11:25 
Started by Faintly - Last post by Faintly
@ZicherCZ The BFG9000 explodes where you aim like the revenant rocket launcher.

"Note that if you have a nano plasma gun, you can just kill everything without needing to take any risks." Whaaa? You mean everything not near an archvile?

In limbo you don't need to radarshoot the left platform, it's in range to clear blindly firing nuclear BFG from centre.

Anyway this is cool how the rocket launcher is useful even past the missile launcher!

 on: Today at 09:24 
Started by Faintly - Last post by Faintly
would be good because:

1. after raiding the vaults, there's not enough time to play with your fancy toys.

2. the cathedral is a more epic place than the vaults, makes sense it would be deeper.

2. It's a minor nerf to lategame melee

 on: Today at 05:42 
Started by Faintly - Last post by Evilpotatoe
 I usually choose the endurance strategy :
- Use hatred skull
- Rocket jump to the upper right.  Take care of the nuclear BFG.  Don't let any monster explode it !.
- Kill everything on sight, priorizing viles.  Reach for them if really necessary, but try to stay in your safe place.
- Then, abuse the BFG.  You'll often want to put your B-mod(s) on it.  Radarshoot with it !  Kill all the corpses you can at every recharge.  When something is alive, just turn it to a corpse first, and repeat the steps.  If you play carefully, you can kill most enemies without even needing to see them, actually.
- You can use some ammo when needed (e.g. rocketting a stack of monsters+corpses), but try to stick with using the BFG if you can.  Ammo fade out very fast in the mortuary.  On the other hand, don't lose your hp to grab some ammo unless you need it.  If you have to shoot your BFG somewhere, forget about all those nice rockets and plasma charges.  Staying alive is more important than stockpiling.
- Finally, blast that stupid assault shotgun for showing up so late.

Notes :
- Don't be afraid of "wasting" a BFG shot to destroy only a few enemies or even corpses.  The recharge time quickly becomes a negligible problem anyway
- I don't care much about the supercharges.  I try not to destroy them, of course, but rarely really need them.  I think I mainly use them to spare some time, since they allow me to rambo, not bothering much about playing safe.  Once I depleted them, I start playing more carefully.  Sometimes, my first move is a rocket jump to the right.  Yep, destroying the starting bonuses & covers... time is precious :)

- When jumping to the right at start, I often spend a few rounds chainsawing or nanoplasming the viles I find.  I think it's wiser to just ignore them at that time. It's important to keep in mind that my objective is the BFG. More time spent => more monsters revived => more revenants & mancubi) => more chances to get it destroyed.  I think the only time one should afford to "waste" when going for the BFG should be for using 1 or 2 extra skulls. 
- The few walls can be very useful once you just grabbed the BFG.  They rarely last long, though.
- Starting straight with a homing phase device gives you 25% chances to get to the BFG immediately (50% to get the BFG or B-mod, which both are good results).  I don't advise this strategy, since it costs a HPD, is highly random, and also gives you 50% chance to get to the OPPOSITE side, but it can be interesting, especially if you don't care much about YAAM, and just want to try getting some loot before chickening.  More devices can mean more tries, btw.

- I probably make a few adjustments when playing N!.  But anyway, I don't often play N!. Takes too much time to Conquer+YAAM.

- Oh, and forgot Limbo.  Well, its way easier imo.  Just kill all the viles in the middle.  If you got unlimited ammo, radarshoot viles on right & left platforms, and finish the lesser monsters. Raising the bridges should bring you fights which are usually not that hard.  Consider rocketting enemies in lava.  Note that if you have a nano plasma gun, you can just kill everything without needing to take any risks.  Often, I don't even bother using the nuclear BFG on that level.  Few monsters, few risks...  well, it remains an alternative for clearing out all the left part.  Yet, I wouldn't try to rush for it as I do in the Mortuary, since lava hurts :).  On N!, try to kill the N! cacos over lava, and gib everything, since monsters respawn without viles.  Skulls, rockets and BFG should be enough for the middle, but reaching the nuke-BFG can be tricky.  Once you got it, abuse it.  N! deserves it !

Personally, I've never set foot in the Mortuary[...]
Coward :p
Who gave you the ticket to hell, anyway ? !

 on: May 23, 2017, 22:44 
Started by Faintly - Last post by LuckyDee
...but against you as well (the Viles in the corners will have much more time to resurrect the corpses). Weapons with area

Fell asleep at the keys again? ;)

Personally, I've never set foot in the Mortuary on anything other than a melee build, which makes for another game altogether...

 on: May 23, 2017, 14:36 
Started by Faintly - Last post by ZicherCZ
Well, I would heavily vote against the first two steps - if you don't hit an early target, the supercharges in the corners would be caught right in the radius of the BFG blasts, thus destroyed. I would fire the BFG straight up an down instead, to clear corpses with no danger to the items.

Otherwise, speed is the key here, you have to find the Viles quickly, before they can resurrect too many corpses. Rocketjumping is helpful here, and I would kill an Archvile as soon as I spot it (no more than seven ever appear there), and only then follow up with more rocketjumps.

Using skulls of any kind is a wise move, no questions asked. Clearing the City of Skulls / Abyssal Plains can be definitely recommended if you plan to try your luck in The Mortuary.

If you roll Limbo, consider the layout. It plays for you (you can clear one part of a level at a time, without too much worries from the other parts), but against you as well (the Viles in the corners will have much more time to resurrect the corpses). Weapons with area effect, especially BFGs, are of great use in this case.

 on: May 23, 2017, 08:26 
Started by Faintly - Last post by Faintly
first of all am I right in thinking I think that if you want to clear the level, then the 2 health globes in the center are less important than getting going fast, seeing as there's another four in the corners?

If so, might it be a good idea to start the level with something like

move 1: shoot BFG to the left to clear corpses
move 2: shoot BFG to the right to clear corpses
move 3: switch to rocket launcher
move 4: rocket jump to the right
move 5: rocket jump to the right again, reload first if it's not a tactical rocket launcher
move 6: use skull

What do you think?

And what's your strategy for the mortuary? (or limbo)

 on: May 23, 2017, 07:56 
Started by Faintly - Last post by Faintly
(I know it's not in active development, just for fun)

angel of alertness: no run command, no giftdropping, and 'gifts' dropped by monsters (that die within a certain proximity to you) disappear after some time. Basically forces you to camp & explore manually, and removes the option to giftdrop. -If you want to camp in the demon infested halls of hell you have to do so one moment at a time.

archangel of alertness: same as the above but with a realtime turn timer

angel of death: this one's more of a gimmick but, the grim reaper has returned to retrieve its scythe. enemy vision radius is reduced but you can't attack. Every level has many health globes, and if you collect 3/4 of these, you can use a super version of the scythe's altfire which kills everything and doesn't cost health. Once you get the scythe from the cathedral you gain 95% damage resist and can melee instakill enemies. (basically you become invincible for the purposes of the game). Might be too easy as stated and require some additional challenge. Could also be deliberately too easy what with it being the grim reaper and all.

 on: May 23, 2017, 06:24 
Started by LuckyDee - Last post by dragonfly
"It's probably not for me." James thinks while he curiously peers over Desmonds shoulder into the hallway.

 on: May 22, 2017, 13:43 
Started by bleak - Last post by ZicherCZ
In fact, storm bolter might be _weaker_ on combat pistol, due to knockback coming into effect at 12 damage. If the first bullet causes knockback, the second bullet might simply fail to target the knocked-back creature and automatically miss.

With SoG3 (a standard for pistol builds) this is not an issue for standard pistols, causing 11 damage per bullet at most. With a combat pistol, the maximum damage is 12. And that's not counting ranks in SoB, which stress the problem even further.

To say it in a diplomatic matter - in my humble opinion, storm bolter is one of the less useful assemblies.

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