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got through melee run on easy

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the ability to move diagonally through attacks adds another element of play to the game, and the weapon progression is great, definitely looking forward to spending a lot of time trying to get through on UV

one thing i noticed though is it appears to be counting monsters on the precipice again that were brought in by the summoner for purpose of kill count

awesome! been playing around with melee on lower difficulties, no real success yet, but lots of fun knifing everything. the pipe wrench feels very system shockesque. formers still appear to be meleeing barrels when chasing after me - not that i don't mind the freebie every now and then

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: April 01, 2020, 07:17 »
imps and moreso demons are definitely the biggest nuisance on early levels of AOB - if you can maneuver them in front of a sergeant and let them take care of the kill for you, this works best although a bit luck based. if you're forced to fight, go in run mode before you get into melee range, which gives you huge dodge bonuses

congratulations on the run! i agree this one is frustrating especially when you spend like 30 minutes shooting a bunch of sergeants on the first level and instantly get fried by spiders on the second

General Discussion / Re: Scouts
« on: March 26, 2020, 07:35 »
headshot used to be a straight 2x damage rather than crit bonus

headshot got nerfed quite a bit in this version, but what i do is more or less:

son of a gun 1/2 -> headshot


sustained fire 1/2 -> overkill

if i'm doing an auto build i'll usually take juggler here, and then go for whizkid 1/2 to tinkerer, whereas pistols i'll just go straight to tinkerer. tinkerer is an awesome trait which allows you squeeze an extra medkit out of every health terminal, as well as a power mod and some change out of every item terminal

after tinkerer i'll go up to remote hack as i think its worth it to carry a stack of multitools for the chance to remove a cri bot from the playing field, especially if its at full health and can be used to attack other stuff. plus the ability to hack turrets via terminal and the more or less free of charge (as well as the drones) is incredibly useful too

if i'm doing auto build, before i get to io i'll take gun hoarder to free up an extra slot for a plasma rifle and usually take shottyman before the end if i don't find a shotgun with autoloader trait. for autobuilds, strong shotguns are essential imo for staving off strong melee enemies, and as a result i'll usually take a shotgun utility over rifle utilities during an auto build. it might sound counter intuitive, but souped up plasma gun (nevermind adv chainguns or whatever) are more than enough to get the job done at range, but if strong reavers are in your face, you'll want to take them down asap with something like the jackhammer, adv double barrel, heavily modded plasma shotgun etc

for weapons if i'm doing a pistol build i'll balance out the early game with revolver and 9mm guns based on the perks i get out of adv weapons. io and on i try to have one that takes 44 ammo, one that takes 9mm ammo and one that takes cell

for auto build, i'll balance slots between a short range slot (shotguns), medium range guns (9mm auto to 7.62 auto to chaingun usually), and long range guns (hunter rifle to rocket launcher), and then when i get to io switch between chaingun and plasma rifle for medium range based on what ammo is available on the level

since adv chainguns, rocket launchers and plasma rifles are quite rare compared to other types of guns, i usually just start throwing mods into the standard versions of these weapons. with pistols is usually worth waiting for an adv to overly mod stuff, but with the dismantle action you can cycle one mod through guns without penalty

Post Mortem / Re: [U|YAFW|100%] My first platinum badges
« on: March 18, 2020, 05:08 »
great run and a fine collection of badges! the nanosupershotgun is hilariously OP, especially if you take a shottyhead build. if you have this combo for angel of 666 you can just casually brush legions of bruisers and nightmare archviles off you to the point where gameplay gets quite boring

despite many on here saying shottyman angelic is the easiest angelic to get, its actually quite luck based in that you need to be able to clear the first level and have sergeants spawn on it so you can farm them over and over up to the required kill percentage

monster infighting seems a little too frequent now - just had a game where on callisto 2 i walked into a room filled with corpses and 7.62 rifles. there were two mods and health globes so it looked like two groups of exalted soldiers killed one another. not sure how this happens, one accidentally melees another while walking around?

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: March 15, 2020, 05:26 »
i think its the easiest, though even without a melee build, you should use chainsaw and  a berserk pack for the end fight with the arena master because the berserk will give you really good resistances and even with out brute traits, chainsaw with berserk strength will cut through the arena master pretty quickly - just make sure to time it so it doesn't run out in the middle of combat

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: March 11, 2020, 21:15 »
on UV chained court+ is a breeze with a melee build. other builds you'll have to play a delicate game with the barons, shooting them in the doors, lava, or close enough to the walls where you can burn them with the rocket launcher. one tactic that works decently enough of the time is rocketing a hole in the upper left corner as to not destroy the berserk packs, and just charging the barons after you get the chainsaw. it sounds kind of counterintuitive but being berserk gives you good resistance against the barons attacks, and if you can bring them down without having to use all the packs, you can save the last pack for the arena master

had a heavy melee a barrel, presumably trying to chase me. i was grateful it knocked him out, but probably shouldnt do that. i can see fiends and reavers being too dumb to notice the difference

Post Mortem / [0.8.10|U|Ma|YAVP] i came to shred
« on: March 11, 2020, 12:15 »
this is my first marine win on UV, couldn't get anything past callisto before this run. i didnt really know what i was doing with this build and more or less started the run to check out new content and didn't expect to get that far, so trait skill is kind of across the board. i got a really good cold shotgun early on, which boosted by the cri shotgun amp and the shredder trait one shots armoured ravagers when they show up. shredder is awesome! for the most part i played this like i did with the technician auto build, rotating around guns situationally based on what was around. since i only had three slots instead of four, i thought i might have had an issue with ammo in the lategame by not choosing to go for plasma weapons, but this wasn't an issue at all

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

found an adv revolver that was +60 crit, so on top of +40 from SOG2 every shot was 100% chance, bringing it up to 200% with headshot, but increased damage from higher level crit chances doesnt seem to be displaying on the damage calculator

was not expecting that reward at the end of valhalla command - wow! if pistolwhipping all the furniture and plants is this much fun, i cant wait for the chainsaw

heres me getting eaten by exalted reavers

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Discussion / Re: Quick questions thread!
« on: March 09, 2020, 06:04 »
agreed nightmare speed run with melee build isnt too bad. the cyberdemon and mastermind are pushovers against a chainsaw with berserk

veteran angelic when done with angel of max carnage isn't luck based at all really. doing a scout auto build (the mortem i posted on here is masterless but i can't recall why i went that route exactly) will get you heavy powered chainguns early on which you can usually mod into a gatling gun, one shotting a great deal of early monsters. once you get the plasma gun you can turn it into the hyperblaster which melts through all the late game stuff with no problem. the trick of nightmare is corpse placement - you'll want to kill stuff in doorways, on liquids, or on top of other corpses to get rid of them, which does require a bit of patiences in getting the feel for exactly how many shots you need to kill something, and considering knockback if you're using shotguns. max carnage makes this easier because not only are your guns stronger, but takes out the dice roll guessing

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